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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Why Residential School History is Being Falsified


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau loves these alleged discoveries of unmarked graves at residential school sites. And he loves it that churches are being burned in response to these alleged discoveries. He loves the alleged discoveries of unmarked gravesites because the preoccupation gives him an ethnic group to pretend to stand up for. And we know he loves the burning of churches because his denunciation of the crime wave is cool. He would be boiling over with rage, though, if mosques were being burned; or at least he would pretend very hard to care, maybe even to the point of shedding theatrical tears, which he often does. He loves chaos because he needs crises to campaign on; he needs crises to campaign on because he has no accomplishments to point to. He could stop fanaticism from being whipped up on account of these unmarked graves that are being conveniently found. He could stop churches from being burned to the ground. But he needs trouble in order to be reelected. If only he can draw a violent reaction from white folks whose churches are being destroyed, he will have something to forward as evidence of white supremacy. Retaliation would not be supremacist; but this fact would not matter.  

While it is true that Trudeau cannot be saved from burning in hell through Roman Catholic doctrine, even if he were a practicing Catholic, his burning in hell will be hotter because of Catholic churches burning. Catholicism can’t save; but it’s a sin to not prevent Catholic churches from burning. Arson is attempted murder; therefore that person is guilty who could stop these attempts but won’t; and this guilt must be added to the judgment of his other sins. All the PM has to do to stop the terrorism is take the cuffs off the RCMP and let them do the job that they are being paid by taxpayers to do. But the RCMP is effectively a wing of the Liberal Party now. So instead of investigating arson, RCMP officers are used to persecute citizens for practicing the liberties that are endorsed in the Charter. Arson is winked at; freedom of assembly is disallowed. Statues may be torn down; but the person (in Manitoba recently) protesting the vandalism is tasered.

When Communism is introduced, the elites who bring it in have their terrorist groups tear down what stands in Communism’s way. This is what’s happening in Canada in 2021. A PM doesn’t have to say, “Go and burn those churches down and go and knock those statues over.” All he has to do is ask his handlers to create the atmosphere in which a storm will occur, have the media whip the storm up into a hurricane, and order the cops to stand down and let that storm destroy. The unmarked grave site situation involves no accidental discoveries. The burning of churches involves a coordinated scheme as well, though with possibly here and there a spontaneous act.       

The Trudeau family has been in a love affair with the Castro family for decades. It makes no difference whether Justin’s ideal father is Fidel or Pierre because both Fidel and Pierre were Communists. One devil is as bad as the other because the ideology of the Cuban was that also of the French. Maybe we would be better off if Justin were more like his mother: mentally unbalanced. But no, it would make no difference; Justin is no more the controlled man-boy than if he were completely insane. The residential school crisis is probably not his idea. He knows how to roll a joint; he doesn’t know how to create a smokescreen.   

You can find a lot of unmarked graves in old indigenous burial grounds. These may be seen online. And I know from history books that while on the march to wherever their nomadic feet pointed to next, indigenous persons frequently ‘knocked on the head’ captives who slowed them down, left them there, and continued on. No marked graves for them. These unmarked graves being complained about are a lot better than what so many indigenous persons and their captives were honored with before the white man stepped onto America. And the treatment that indigenous children received in residential schools was no doubt better than what they received from their tribes in pre-colonial times. Whenever I have watched or heard an interview of a residential school ‘survivor,’ specific information about the survival has been conspicuously absent. I seldom, if ever, have heard a specific instance of abuse reported by an alleged victim. Of course there was abuse. Some abuse occurs in practically every institution, especially the Roman Catholic one. But where are the anecdotes of abuse in these residential schools? The CBC would be making these anecdotes known if there were so many. If a person has been abused, that person can give details. He or she might say, “I was raped” or “I was kicked” or “I was slapped” or “I was often deprived of food.” But this is not the kind of thing we hear. We are told that the treatment was bad or harmful or racist. But this is so general that it could mean nothing more than that a teacher was verbally cross once in awhile. There are former workers at these schools who pretend to have repented of their association with them. Even they, in spite of their finger pointing, do not relate specific anecdotes of abuse. There is this video on the ‘CBC News’ YouTube channel called: “Former residential school child-care workers say they wish the school had never existed.” This video was put up on July 5th, 2021. Before watching this fourteen minute video, I predicted that nothing would be revealed about how bad the school was except indistinct allegations. Here is what these two ‘residential school child-care workers’ revealed. They revealed horrors like these: there was ‘inadequate staffing’; the kids were ‘poorly integrated’; they ‘slept in dormitories’; they were ‘washed with a very strong soap.’ These two ‘former residential school child-care workers’ worked at a residential school in 1970 on Vancouver Island for ‘four months.’ This qualifies them, apparently, to speak with authority on the subject of residential schools. These ‘four months’ are their credentials. From this vast experience they are qualified to assure us that the residential school was so bad that it should not have existed. Back in 1970, they were a young married couple newly come up from the United States. Their names are Nancy Dyson and Dan Rubenstein. What are they really up to? The CBC host, either making a mistake or else trying to protect the couple from revealing eye-opening information, says that the book they wrote on the subject was released ‘last year’; that is, in 2020. Nancy Dyson corrects her with: “Our book was released just as the first announcement came out about the unmarked graves in Kamloops.” What propitious timing! Positively providential! Just a coincidence! No collusion at all! So they could have spoken up in the 1970s or the 1980s or the 1990s or in the year 2000, 2010, or 2015; but they didn’t. They had fifty years to squeal about how this residential school was like a gulag; but they didn’t. No, they speak up now, fifty-one years later, just as their book and the story out of Kamloops mysteriously collide! Were the kids at the residential school they worked at raped, murdered, or burned alive at the stake? Shouldn’t Nancy Dyson and Dan Rubenstein turn themselves over to the authorities for being part of the problem at an infamous residential school? Should we not have a Nuremberg Trial for them? Nancy Dyson and Dan Rubenstein are unprincipled opportunists, two of many trying to cash in on the residential school cash cow. They really have nothing to report, just a little money to make or some hero posing to do. What were these schools like for real? There is this other video that I found. It is on the ‘CBC Saskatchewan’ YouTube channel. I’m surprised it’s there at all. The video was put up on September 29th, 2020, and is called: “Kerry Benjoe shares her experience as a student at the residential school in Lebret.” So the video is about her experience at one of these schools. Her memories of the school, she says, are ‘mostly positive.’ Her supervisors and teachers, she says, ‘really were positive influences on me.’ She says that she has gotten tired of people apologizing for her having gone to the school. Most indigenous persons, I think, must be tired of being treated like victims. Her journey in the residential school is ‘probably one that no one has really heard much about,’ she says. This is true; only the opinion that says the schools were horrible is allowed any press. This video of Kerry Benjoe’s experience is an oddity, not because her experience is of the rare kind, but because her experience is of the unpopular kind. What is unpopular is often the truth; the truth is often hard to find; when we hear the ring of unpopular truth, the agenda sounds like a cheap gong in comparison with it. Truth and agenda do not sound alike; they look different from each other, too. Compare Kerry Benjoe’s body language to that of Nancy Dyson and Dan Rubenstein. I can see the difference there between honesty and duplicity. It didn’t take a lot of guts for Nancy and Dan to talk about this topic, like the host says. The video does not ‘contain graphic details,’ like it says at the beginning of the video. And the subject of residential schools is not a ‘painful conversation.’ The subject is a tool to get the Liberals reelected; and it’s a way for well-placed Liberal-minded opportunists to make some easy money or appear compassionate.                    

In the days of residential schools, pupils were taught actual history, language skills, arithmetic, and some religion, albeit the corrupt Catholic one. Except for Roman Catholicism, is that not better than what is taught today? Today pupils are taught to hate history; they learn no religion, except maybe the Muslim faith; they can barely count on their fingers; and they can’t write a sentence that makes sense. They are taught to hate the white race; they are taught fake science like evolution and climate change; they are taught fake biology in gender studies; and this is all presented within the framework of philosophical Communism, which is atheistic, amoral, and totalitarian. It isn’t the residential schools that we need to address the wrongs of, for they are in the past and were better than the schools we have now. The schools of today are what need to be regretted and changed. 

Except for technical skills, our kids are being indoctrinated, not taught. And the saddest parts of the history of the residential school system are being exaggerated so that indigenous persons and loafer-leftists, rather than make progress by getting on with their lives, can be made to stew and bubble over in violence to benefit the Liberal Party. The residential school crisis is a decoy. The fabricated crisis has fuelled the burning of churches. And the institution that stands to benefit the most from both the fabricated crisis and the burning of churches is the present governing Liberal Party of Canada.

We are beginning to reap a whirlwind of evil in Canada because enough of us don’t know, even with access to the facts through alternative media on the internet, that we are being fooled. We are so in the dark about what’s happening before our eyes that we might as well be limited to a few newspapers and three television channels, like in the old days. The root of our trouble is this: “For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD” (Proverbs 1.29.) God will give us over to Trudeau, his successors, and to Communism if we continue to choose unwisely. The July 13th lightning strike on the mural of George Floyd is an encouraging sign that, as Francis Schaeffer used to say, “God is there and he is not silent.” But we shouldn’t need a lightning strike on the mural of a celebrated thug to know that we should fear God. If we were to fear God as we ought, we would know what’s going on because: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding” (Proverbs 9.10.) We are going to have to begin to ask God for this fear before he gives it to us without our asking. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2021



We’re guilty of genocide—so they say,

Against the ‘indigenous’ from June until May.

Every nation, as long as it’s a ‘first’:

They’re all wiped out now or well on their way—

Or so they say: it’s what genocide means.

Boxcars, concentration camps, and gas—

Inhumanity! Indigenous purge!

Who will write the eulogy? Who the dirge?

No cultural appropriation, sirs!

Canada Day no more! Use the curse of Job:

Let that day perish wherein we were born!  

Make the most of our worst; kneel down and mourn.

Check our privilege and our genocide.

Follow up with suicide—if we care.

We’ll do it if we care—for genocide.

Genocide, genocide, so much of it!

Haven’t seen it yet? At least believe that

A dream catcher caught the ghost of it.

No catcher at my window, not for me.

But if it caught a dream, here’s what it said:

From Liberal lips while I lay on my bed:

“Secure all the voters, begin with the Reds.

Just drive the narrative: the genocide. 

Hype it up by graves, resurrect ‘em all.

Two hundred and fifteen? Go find us more!

Dead bones can live; they can live to the fall.

Each dead bone is a thousand ballots, pal.

Broken promises? Forge genocide again.

Reservation squalor? So that’s their lot!

Mercury poison? Grassy Narrows—what?! 

The narrative, the narrative: the genocide.

Residential schools: where some babies died.

Whatever is an inch, make a mile wide.

Whatever is narrow, dig to the core.

Make mass graves to be there; only believe!

Do a token visit; pass through the sage.

Make smudge our screen to share in their grudge.   

Then bye to the rez; we saved our own hide.

The money we gave, your chiefs will decide:

Here Walks Like A Bear: run get your loonie. 

Thank the Liberal Party before we’re off; 

We’re off to Ottawa, our booty calls.

Stand by Little Beaver and Growling Bear, 

Bird with a Beak, White Cloud Feather, and wait—

For next time when we need you in the war

Against genocide near election time.” 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

The 'Ongoing Genocide' of the 'Indigenous' in Canada


On Sunday, June 6th, 2021, after listening to a couple of sermons via MP3, I switched my little transistor unit to radio mode to hear the weather or something (not the news, because on CBC Radio the news is too often fake news.) After switching over to the CBC, I left the radio on too long and accidentally heard the Juno Awards being introduced. Before turning the radio off, I predicted that the Juno Awards would not get underway without first repeating the story about the ‘indigenous discovery’ that was allegedly made in Kamloops recently. I am not a prophet; but mainstream Canadian content is so predictable that my prediction came to pass just as if I were one. I turned the radio off after hearing my prophecy being fulfilled in real time, but not before I heard the warning that the Juno Awards would contain ‘coarse language.’ That’s what you can expect these days on Canadian television and radio: coarse language. 

So after a few words about how wonderful the Juno Awards are (they’re not), the host passed it over to Buffy Sainte-Marie, an ‘indigenous’ singer. Trying hard to cry but failing in the attempt, she spoke of the alleged Kamloops discovery in the context of the ‘ongoing genocide’ of ‘indigenous’ persons in Canada. What does her assertion amount to? She was accusing white Canadians of being genocidal—genocidal like Adolph Hitler was.  

There never was any genocide in Canada; there never was an attempted genocide in Canada; there is no ‘ongoing genocide’ of ‘indigenous’ persons in Canada. What has the Juno Awards to do with ‘indigenous’ genocide, anyway? What has it to do with genocide generally? It has nothing at all to do with it. But some people like to feel righteous at least sometimes; and the shortcut to feeling this way is to accuse others of sins like racism and genocide. Driving others down, even if it is by a false accusation, gives accusers the allusion of a lift; this is the upward path, they think, to being righteous. Instead of aiming for righteousness by repenting of their sins, they must believe that it is obtained by having their neighbors repent of sins that their neighbors didn’t do. 

The closest thing to an ongoing genocide in Canada is the one against defenseless babies in the womb. Do we want to be righteous? Let’s begin by repenting of that sin. Furthermore, since ‘indigenous’ people believe in animism—since they believe that buffaloes are kindred spirits—maybe it’s time to accuse them of genocide against the buffalo. The white man did help to wipe out the buffalo herds; but ‘head-smashed-in buffalo jump’ sounds like an ‘indigenous’ practice, doesn’t it? Instead of settling the land like the pilgrims did, what did ‘indigenous’ persons do? Instead of settling down and planting crops, they roamed over the face of Canada slaughtering all the buffalo herds and massacring each other, tribe against tribe. People, be they ‘indigenous’ individuals or not, forfeit their right to the land they occupy if their occupation involves barbarous behavior like tribal warfare, scalping, headhunting, wanton torture, and cannibalism. Read the Old Testament and you will learn that when a nation—even a ‘first’ nation—pollutes its land with blood, that nation is eventually dispossessed because of it. This is why the white man has controlled the agenda in Canada for so long. Through atrocities like abortion and philosophies like feminism, however, the white man is self-exterminating. Kill your kin in the womb, and raise the rest to hate themselves—this is how you slay your own skin.  

No living person is guilty, probably, of the 215 ‘indigenous’ deaths in Kamloops where its residential school closed in 1978. If some culprit still lives who was involved in the incident, assuming there was in incident, I am not one of them. And no one can be truly guilty of deaths that were caused by someone else—even if the dead are ‘indigenous’ persons. What is the truth of the recent story out of Kamloops that the CBC told us about on May 28th? ‘Mass unmarked grave’ was the headline that the National Post and the Toronto Star ran with and that some politicians copied. The ‘discovery’ was made by the use of ‘ground penetrating radar’; or so they say. But how does ground penetrating radar determine that there are 215 bodies in a mass grave? This detection technology is not exact enough to determine something like that. Is the ‘mass grave’ really a number of unmarked burial sites? Were the children killed? Or did they die of a disease like TB, maybe? Isn’t it interesting that the RCMP is being obstructed from investigating the matter? And isn’t it interesting that just a few days after the ‘discovery’ of this ‘mass grave,’ $27 million dollars was being made available by the Federal Liberals to ‘memorialize children who died in the residential school system’? (Ben Cousins, CTV News, June 3, 2021.) Many more millions will flow than 27 though. On June 15th, the CBC reported that the Ontario Conservatives have promised $10 million for residential school sites to be searched. You don’t have to be a taxpaying plumber to know that the money tap will not close after that.   

An old man was interviewed by Drea Humphrey of Rebel News about this residential school that he went to where the 215 children were allegedly dumped, holocaust-like, into a mass grave. What chilling anecdotes did he have to tell? He shared only one. A boy died, he said, from a jump in a haystack, which was one of the games that ‘indigenous’ children used to play. You can tell by the rest of what he had to say that life was not too bad in the infamous residential school system. He spoke of apples, cows, pigs, chickens, and horses, but only of one death, which was accidental. He intimated that some girls died ‘in the water’ where they washed clothes. But he shared no specific anecdote about that. Those deaths too, if there were any, would have been accidental. This residential school was not equivalent to Auschwitz, after all. If you look hard enough, you will find the buried testimonies of ‘indigenous’ persons who have been thankful for the residential schools that they were made to attend. These buried testimonies—now there’s your mass grave, sirs! Go and do some digging there! What beautiful skeletons remain to be recovered! But suppose we pretend that every ‘indigenous’ experience in every one of those schools was a bad one. Would not most of those experiences still be better than the ‘indigenous’ way of life that once was? Here is an example of how ‘indigenous’ persons fed the white man back in 1763. “I confess,” said Alexander Henry, “that in the canoe, with the Chippewas, I was offered bread—but bread with what accompaniment! They had a loaf which they cut with the same knives they had employed in the massacre—knives still covered in blood. The blood they moistened with spittle and, rubbing it on the bread, offered this to their prisoners, telling them to eat the blood of their countrymen” (Alexander Henry, Massacre at Michilimackinac, in Captured by the Indians, edited by Frederick Drimmer, p. 84.) Did the white man not feed ‘indigenous’ persons—even in residential schools—better food than this? ‘Indigenous’ bellies were never more regularly satisfied than while going to these schools. 

Defending the Roman Catholic Church is not something that I normally do. But if Buffy Sainte-Marie believed in an ‘ongoing genocide’ that was in its heyday while residential schools were being run by Roman Catholics, would she not have changed her Catholic name to an ‘indigenous’ one by now? Why hasn’t she changed her name? Is it not because she knows there never was a genocide? And can it not be because her ‘Sainte-Marie’ name is the recognized one to make the most money by?

An honest article on this subject is what a CBC journalist ought to have written by now. But honest journalism is not what the CBC does. The CBC’s unwritten mandate is to defame and divide. Its most used argument, if not its only one, is the baseless accusation. White Canadians are not systemically racist; the CBC, though, is systemically defamatory. 

No one in Canada is guilty of genocide against anybody—not even against the ‘indigenous.’ What is the ninth commandment? “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” This commandment is good for every school, even the ‘residential school’; and it is good for everyone, even the ‘indigenous.’ Where did the idea come from for agitating about a ‘mass grave’ suddenly discovered near a residential school? I am tempted to prophesy that it came from fancy folks of the white socialist class: the establishment politicians and their mass media minions who make their living and maintain power by setting ethnic groups against each other. If it did not come from there—if it came from an ‘indigenous’ source—it is still true that the idea has now been used by the socialist class to make fancy snobs look compassionate and the rest of us look racist and genocidal. Bearing false witness is the socialist’s most frequent method of emitting his ingloriousness because the socialist’s chief attribute is envy. The socialist envies the peace that people have who mind their own business; therefore the socialist’s mission is to disturb this peace, which is done by telling lies. Bearing false witness is as natural to a socialist as it is natural for God to be faithful to truth. What shall be given to ‘lying lips’ and the ‘deceitful tongue’? The Bible says that ‘sharp arrows’ and ‘coals of juniper’ shall be given to both (Psalm 120); and the sharp arrows and coals of juniper will be more dreadful than the words ‘arrows’ and ‘coals’ denote because these arrows and coals will be supernatural and divinely administered. Falsely accusing others of murder and genocide, even if these others are hated white folks, is the breaking of one of the most sacred commandments that was ever given; sacred judgment can be that sin’s only reward. Divine judgment will be dispensed for defamation. ‘Lying lips’ and ‘deceitful tongues’ will be silenced at the judgment before the incarnation of the Word of God: Jesus Christ the Righteous. 

    Since the truth about a matter may still be found, though with an increasing amount of effort due to progressive censorship, people who have jumped aboard this lying narrative about a ‘mass indigenous grave’ or the ‘ongoing genocide of indigenous persons’ are guilty in some measure as well. Sharing a lying narrative is not as sinful as making one up. But to share a lie is to forward a lie; and to forward a lie that we don’t know is a lie is nevertheless the promotion of what is untrue. This is a serious sin when the promotion of the untruth entails the defamation of a large body of Canadians whose skin pigmentation happens to be white. Some of us are never going to accept being called racist no matter how many ‘mass graves’ of ‘indigenous’ persons are allegedly found because we have had nothing to do with the alleged crimes involved. And we are going to continue to be as happy to be white as ‘indigenous’ persons are proud of their primitive heritage. If a white Bible believing Christian is okay with Solomon being happy that his lover is so tanned that she calls herself ‘black’ (Song of Solomon 1.5, 6), then this white Bible believing Christian must be something less than a white supremacist. 

    White supremacy is the narrative being pushed by the CBC and the politicians who bankroll that Communist corporation; and this indigenous story out of Kamloops is just one more way to drive that narrative into white skin. Defamatory darts aimed at white people merely because they are not colored, nor elitists, nor atheists, nor ‘indigenous’—these darts can sting; but if these white people are Bible believing Christians, these darts ultimately stick to the cross of Christ behind which every Bible believing Christian hides. A sinner may be reserved for heaven even if he is white. And there is no ‘indigenous’ person alive who has any hope of heaven on the basis of his heritage. Indigenous ceremonies are as far from the kingdom of heaven as Roman Catholic rosary beads are. Salvation is not earned by the sinner; it is wrought by Christ for the sinner. “But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness” (Romans 4.5.)           

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Beautiful Book of Wisdom for the Little Ones


I ordered this expecting something less substantial. There is a greater word count than I thought it would have. The pictures are more representative and expressive than I thought they would be. And the lesson is sharper and more true to life than I anticipated. The moral lesson reminds me of the lesson we learned from the lie that was perpetrated against Nick Sandmann of Covington Catholic High School. There is more repentance in fiction than by CNN and its accomplices though. 

Henry the Sheepdog & the Wolf of Mossville is not only substantial, sharp, and relevant; it is stylistically pleasing. A lot of work was put into crafting this little gem. I like how ideas are carried through the narrative, like when somebody did something ‘not entirely nice.’ The media outfits competing for customers are perfectly named for kids to enjoy: The Morning Mossville, The Hamster Herald, The Beaver Buzz, The Racoon Review, and The Pup’s Press. The characters, too, are attractive: like Helen the Hedgehog and Karen the Porcupine. And how about ‘Fiddlesticks and Fur!’ and ‘Stuff and Nonsense!’ for exclamations? This little book is so good that I must provide an excerpt. “The Hamsters were horrified. The Squirrels were shocked. The Foxes were frightened. The Possums were petrified.” That’s how you write a book for kids! I am tempted to quote some more. But I don’t want to give too much away. 

The grammar is not everywhere perfect; but it’s almost there. There are many characters to keep track of. But this book should be read to little ones often; and then it should be read by the children themselves more than once. This book is suitable, I think, for anyone who is old enough to understand full sentences. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Political Ignorance and What to Do About It


When I was a boy, I used to wonder about ‘guerilla warfare’ because I thought the reporter meant ‘gorilla warfare.’ “How come the soldiers can’t outwit these gorillas?” I thought. “They have to be smarter than that, not to mention better-armed.” Pathetic as this ignorance was, it was outclassed by the ignorance of adults who should have known what to answer the boy regarding the nature of these gorillas. They did not know any more than I did, I suspect, who these gorillas were or why they were so hard to beat. They didn’t know a gorilla from a guerilla fighter any more than this little farm boy did. 

Do the majority of adults know that the word ‘guerilla’ refers to unconventional warfare? How many of them, if asked to write down ‘guerilla fighter,’ would write down ‘gorilla fighter’? How many of them actually think that this kind of fighting has to do with gorillas of the jungle? My guess is that multitudes think exactly that. It is reasonable to assume this because we have lately learned that Dar’shun Kendrick, a member of the House of Representatives in Georgia, thought that the coyotes mentioned by President Trump—the coyotes guilty of smuggling illegal migrants across the border—were actual coyotes of the dog family! She doubted that a coyote could carry ‘a whole human’ across the border, which proves that she, among many others, did not know what kind of coyote President Trump was talking about. Unless a person has been made to watch nothing on television except episodes of Lassie and The Littlest Hobo her whole life long, there should be no path to her coming remotely close to believing that a forty pound canine with a single digit IQ has been smuggling illegals across the border into the United States. Legal Lassie and Humble Hobo would never go in for that kind of thing anyway. Wile E. Coyote might. But no one except the fully human South American smuggler has done it—with help from democrats and fake republicans. Except for Representative Dar’shun Kendrick apparently. 

My objections on social media to the attempted coup against President Trump on election night showed me that people must be ignorant of what a ‘coup d’etat’ is as well. This term is even more important to know than ‘guerilla warfare’ and ‘coyotes.’ Indeed, a coup d’etat is what’s likely to activate the coyotes more than ever, and could give rise to guerilla warfare in the imminent struggle over the White House. 

Because people are so easily deceived by headlines and so easily brainwashed by official remarks, the information war must be waged on every platform that right-thinking individuals can still speak halfway freely on. But face-to-face conversation has the best chance, I think, to make a convincing impact. That a coup d’etat is really, actually, undeniably being attempted is worth the verbal confrontation that it takes to try to educate a person on the subject because a coup is the killer of our liberties. A country that is the victim of a coup—of an overthrow of its government—in this instance, through voter fraud—is a country that has been taken over by tyrants. And tyrants don’t allow fair elections to happen after they’ve taken over. A successful coup attempt means the end of being governed by the consent of the electorate. If this one freedom is lost, the citizen becomes a subject or a serf, and he will be dictated to by whoever is devious enough to make it to the top. The natural response to a coup d’etat is a revolution. Whether or not some other way out of a dictatorship is found, it is certain that ignorance cannot be one of them. 

We must try to convince others to become informed about what is going on in politics. Knowledge may begin by learning words like ‘guerilla,’ ‘coyote,’ and ‘coup.’ But systematic education must follow. It is the only way to learn the destructive worldviews behind the words, terms, and concepts that are ignorantly thrown around; and it is a necessary way to increase the zeal that is needed against these worldviews. Without knowledge that leads to zeal against what is wrong and zeal for what is right, we are in danger of becoming passive slaves or even left-leaning fanatics through propaganda. When the institutions of learning are corrupt, the citizen has got to self-educate in order to become politically aware. With this in mind, and for the learner’s humble consideration, I have put together this short list of what may be read for a start. You may learn about proper political ideals by reading Is Capitalism Christian? This anthology is edited, remarkably and unfortunately, by Franky Schaeffer, a man who has rejected what he once endorsed. But the book has a lot of merit. It should be read. You may learn about how tyranny can take you by surprise in Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. You may learn about the consequences of leftist politics in Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel. You may learn about the consequences of secularism and its multicultural madness in America Alone by Mark Steyn. You may learn about the tyrannical world that, to a large extent, we already live in by reading Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984. You may learn about socialism’s empty promises in Orwell’s Animal Farm. You may learn about how relentless the pursuit is for oppressing one’s fellow man by reading Beasts, Men, and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski; and hopefully you will notice by this book that the ‘Bolsheviki,’ or Soviet Communist, is of the same stamp as our own Liberal Democrat. Have you not noticed that Liberals and Democrats, just like the Communists, do not let anyone get beyond the reach of Big Government? It is even better to listen to Ossendowski’s true story on audio (available on Librivox), for the reader of it, Mark Smith, has the smooth voice of a motion picture narrator. You may learn about the life that a Marxist, Socialist, or Communist will subject you to if he can get away with it by reading One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. You may learn about how we are being socially engineered in Huxley’s Brave New World Revisited. And, most importantly and firstly, you may learn about how to be received into the Next and Better World by reading Sermons by R. M. M’Cheyne. Politics matter a little and for awhile; what state your soul is in when you die matters for eternity, and therefore infinitely more. 

Maybe you’re thinking that this education is all one sided and that you should learn the other side of politics as well. This is not necessary to do because you have already learned this other side in school, on television, and at the movies. Moreover, you learn it each day via mainstream media like CNN and MSNBC, and on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You learn it without even realizing that you are learning it. Turn to sites like Rebel News and the Epoch Times while they are still allowed to exist. And follow up R. M. M’Cheyne with C. H. Spurgeon, J. C. Ryle, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, B. B. Warfield, A. A. Hodge, John Bunyan, and the Puritans generally. 

With such reading and learning you will become equipped to warn others to turn away from that form of politics which will carry you, if its masterminds succeed, into bondage like unto life in North Korea, China, Cuba, and Iran. We are speeding toward this political nadir already. About half of what a worker makes ends up in the greedy jaws of Government. This Beast is getting bigger; its appetite is insatiable; unless we learn how to starve it, it will eat everything that we are able to produce; and then we will despair of being industrious. We will be slaves who are commanded, like the poor Israelites in Egypt, to provide resources without the means to do it. We must learn what we need to learn before we indulge in what we wish to learn because we must learn what we need to learn before we are forbidden to learn.

Friday, August 28, 2020

The CBC Campaigns for Joe Biden in Wisconsin


One day in mid-August, 2020 (the 19th, I think) while listening to Radio Canada, which is the French side of CBC, I heard something that I am not supposed to hear. The CBC is taxpayer funded radio. Is the CBC supposed to lean on a particular side politically, then? The answer is no. I just read its mandate. Campaigning for a political party is not part of its mandate. And if the CBC should not be campaigning for a Canadian political party, how much less for an American one! But the CBC is overtly political no matter what nation is discussed on its many platforms. The topic announced for discussion on an upcoming episode of a program on Radio Canada was this one: Since the black community in Wisconsin did not show up to vote in the last election as much as they formerly had, what might get them voting in greater numbers this time? The black community usually votes democrat; if it votes en masse in swing states, maybe Trump will lose. That is the truth that the CBC wants to make manifest as a fact. How plainly in violation of its mandate to have its nose in black neighborhoods of Wisconsin for the purpose of getting Biden elected! 

Are CBC hosts worried about Trump having access to a nuclear button? They pretend to be. If they were really worried, however, they would be worried even more about babbling Joe having the same access. Biden is a demented man (he exhibits clear signs of dementia) who literally doesn’t know where he is sometimes, and yet the CBC campaigns for him. The CBC needs to be deconstructed and defunded.

Among its mandated points, I read that the CBC is mandated to serve ‘special needs.’ In practice, this means to serve everyone but white men, Christians, and moralists. Another mandated point is to ‘reflect the multicultural and multiracial nature of Canada.’ In practice, this means to serve everyone who is not a white man, a Christian, or a moralist. Yet another mandated point is to ‘actively contribute to the flow and exchange of cultural expression.’ In practice, this means to serve whatever cultural expression that will help to tear down white men, abolish traditional religion, and contribute to immorality. Canada was never Christian. But it is becoming increasingly savage and heathen. It is destined, if not soon turned around, to become a third world country.      

There is still time for the purveyors of wickedness to repent of their evil deeds. But one day this verse will have fully come to pass: “Thou hast rebuked the heathen, thou hast destroyed the wicked, thou hast put out their name for ever and ever” (Psalm 9.5.) The more wicked society gets, the more I look forward to Judgment Day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Typical CBC Talking Points


Here are the CBC talking points for one fine day in August, 2020: Finance Minister Bill Morneau did do a silly thing, but his resignation has nothing to do with the WE Charity scandal; Chrystia Freeland will fill his post, which is great because she will be the first woman ever to fill it, and we are in a ‘she-cession,’ not a ‘re-cession,’ what with all the unemployed women out there; since an epidemic is no time for partisan politics, don’t judge the Liberal government if it’s crooked. 

This, essentially, is what I heard on CBC Radio when Bill Morneau resigned after his latest ethical breach. The CBC covers for the corrupt Liberals, warns us not to judge, and entirely dismisses unemployment affecting men.  

Crooked financial affairs are called ‘a false balance’ in the Bible, which kind of balance is an ‘abomination to the LORD.’ (Proverbs 11.1.) This covers PM Trudeau, his finance minister, and their associates in crime who are plunging Canada into irrecoverable debt. Whoever commits what is abominable will be judged by the LORD. 

“Riches profit not in the day of wrath” (Proverbs 11.4.) This covers, not only our politicians, but the richly-paid CBC, which invariably defends Liberal profiteering at taxpayers’ expense. The CBC is made up of people, real people that are made, not only of flesh and bone, but of soul and spirit.  Like everyone else, these people have sin natures that make them accountable to God. Riches gotten from the taxpayer via the unrighteous government might profit somewhat now; but they’ll profit no more than mothballs in the day of God’s wrath. If gold cannot save, be sure that mothballs can do nothing. 

“Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth. Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter. Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you” (James 5.1-4.) This judgment shockingly fits both our politicians in Ottawa and the CBC hosts across the country. Yes, it shockingly fits—even the part about condemning and killing the just. How many persons have been driven to suicide on account of lost livelihoods?—: small businesses and jobs that were cut off due to the cruel obstruction of our oil sector and then because of a ‘pandemic’ that has done less harm than the annual flu! And while businesses are being ruined, and their owners killed through loss of hope, what does the government and the CBC do? The government fills its pockets even more than usual; and the CBC madly helps to extend quarantine measures as if the bubonic plague is threatening to kill off the whole world. The CBC wants more billions for more years of fake work; so it does what it can to make sure the lying Liberals continue to rule, just in case a conservative might finally live up to his promise to defund it or at least diminish it. But there will be a reckoning. There is a LORD who judges what is abominable; there is a day of wrath approaching; there is a day of slaughter preparing: a slaughter by the LORD of sabaoth. From this there will be no stonewalling, no filibustering, no evasive speech, only irresistible acquiescence. 

“Repent, for the kingdom is at hand.” This command, if humbly responded to, can still lead to salvation from the coming wrath of God. It may be that a person has better odds of seeing a UFO than catching a politician reading a Bible; and better odds, too, of getting struck by lightning than hearing a CBC host do something else with the Bible than make fun of it. Trudeau and Morneau are rich. A CBC host, like Wendy Mesley, for example, is rich. (Her salary was well beyond the quarter million dollar mark the last time I checked.) She’s probably still getting paid even though she’s under some kind of suspension for using the N-word. “A rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19.23.) Yes, hardly, but “with God all things are possible” (verse 26.) When have we witnessed a politician or a CBC host repent, though? I will not say that they are all past the possibility of receiving grace to do so. But I do confess that sometimes—maybe most times—I have a hard time believing that I will ever see or hear an instance of it. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Fall of a CBC Radical


Wendy Mesley has been with the CBC for two decades at least. Hired for beauty as much as for merit, no doubt, she has been a dependable conduit for mainstream narratives all that time—until a few weeks ago—until the summer of 2020, a devastating fate-filled year for so many. Now she’s ‘suspended,’ which is a euphemism, usually, for the word ‘fired.’ Wendy was a mainstream talking head, a television personality who spoke, not her own thoughts, but rehearsed talking points. It’s hard to keep your talking head above the waves these days, what with the unpredictable winds and manufactured storms that continuously assail. You have to be a big fish in order not to drown. Wendy thought she was big enough. She thought she was one of them sea serpents with the long neck above the water mark. You’ve got to be a big fish to be able to use the N-word with impunity. B. Hussein Obama was big enough to do it. His neck was long enough. Dr. Laura drowned by her audacious use. This was no surprise, given her conservative color. Not many necks are long enough, moreover, on the conservative side. How ignominious to Wendy’s proud gills to discover that she could be fired for the same reason as conservative Laura was canned. Now Wendy is cooked, canned, and maybe even shelved for life. 

A Loch Ness Monster that was wont to menace from shore to shore to shore, seeking whom she might de-platform and devour, is now become a measly landlubber. Should Nessie Mesley be allowed to retreat to her swanky tax-paid den, and that is all? Or should she not get the microphone thrust, and be called upon to answer for the behavior that she falsely accused others for exhibiting? This woman lusted to ruin lives. Recall her rearing her haughty head as she baited Jordan Peterson with the racist hook! This woman deserves no rest until she is made to forward some answers. Maybe if she were given to taste that hook, she would be made to feel sorry. Then peradventure she might take a stroll to the edge of the sea that she has been cast out of, look out upon it with self-condemning introspection, and count all the lives that she has hunted from the water. Each day she should be pursued a-la-Paparazzi. What answers can be given by this fish out of water? Can a reporter please memorize the following questions, and then put them to her in lightning fashion as she runs to her car from the supermarket or the hairdresser? Yes, maybe even from the hairdresser even though her hair is too short to make a good use of one. (Her hair is not short because of cancer, but because of radical feminist ideology put into practice; let me put that in for protection.) 

Wendy Mesley needs to answer some questions. And these questions ought to be asked by a reporter while waving Joseph Conrad’s ‘Narcissus’ in the air before her face for effect. 

“Madam Mesley, what do you have to say about using the N word?” 

“How many times have you used the word?” 

“Have you used it today?” 

“Have you ever painted your face black?” 

“What is your message to the black community?” 

“Wendy, do you believe in slavery?” 

“Are you a white supremacist?” 

“Will you condemn the KKK?”

“Do you know David Duke?”  

“What about this novel? Have you read it? Do you condemn it?”

These questions should all have been memorized so that each one runs off on the heels of the last with relentless, merciless abandon. Shame is for sinners; and she is a big one, though not as big a fish as she thought she was. Her sin is not in the use of the N-word, for it is not a sin to use it. Her sin is in the attempted destruction of lives and livelihoods. Who knows how much harm she is guilty of? She should be poisoned with the very poison that she has been cruelly administering to others: career-ending accusations. She that hounded needs to be hounded back. ‘A tooth for a tooth,’ Wendy. We know that you’re fired already. But is it wrong of us to make sure? 

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11.3.) The righteous can warn people like Wendy that the portion of the wicked—the wicked who destroy the foundations of religion, freedom, and morality—will have ‘fire and brimstone’ rain upon them unless they repent (verse 6.) Before Wendy manages to get back destroying on some medium or other, she should be deservingly shamed. It is better to be shamed upon now than to be rained upon later by the LORD. Shame may lead to repentance; repentance leads to mercy; and mercy leads to the firewall that sinners need against the wrath of God. If Wendy’s suspension is permanent—and we hope that it is—the least effect that it will have is to restrain her, and thus lessen the misery that she would otherwise endure at the hand of Jehovah. Rejoice, Wendy, you have not such opportunity to sin as before. Take the lowest place, as the Bible teaches, for it is from there that we may best consider our faults, and from there that crumbs of grace may be gathered for our good. 

Monday, June 29, 2020


What is going on in the USA is an attempted revolution, and it will probably succeed. These riots in early June, 2020, are not the first, and there are many to come. If the republicans manage to stay in power, they will soon have to govern in a way that will look dictatorial and martial. They will have to do it this way because the democrats, their donors, their media, and their terrorist wings will have it no other way. The democrats have become so radical that they will not be governed by republicans, only ruled by an iron fist. Every time they can find an excuse to riot, they will run with it. No party, no police force, and certainly not every member of the white race can maintain the innocent conduct that is necessary to avoid giving the democrats an excuse to riot. Like magic, any bad thing that happens to a black person, whether that thing is real or imagined, can be pulled out of the hat to mean ‘systemic racism’—: the absurd charge that racism against blacks is everywhere. And then the riots are on, and cities burn once again. How do you govern a country like that? You have to do it with power. You have to be willing to be called a despot in order to have law and order.   

But the USA will be ruled by an iron fist even if the republicans lose power, and especially in that case because the democrats are now Communists. Therefore if the republicans are smart, they will crush every riot just as a dictatorship would do: instantly and without mercy. That is the only chance, unless a revival of religion happens, that Americans have of not falling into Communist hands. 

America will burn because the democrats want it to burn. If they are out of power, they will riot. If they are in power, they will destroy. But why do the democrats hate America? They hate America because its Constitutional liberty does not allow them to be in power perpetually. They want power because they want resources. And they want resources in order to live in luxury, to look down on others, and to practice debauchery in high places, with impunity. But even if they get everything they want, they will still hate, and they will still burn everything down. But why is it so? They will continue to hate as long as vestiges of righteousness remain, which righteousness can never be entirely extirpated. 

Here is what democrats hate to see most of all. Here is what they want to eradicate by burning America down. Dick and Jane are on vacation with Mother and Father to celebrate the end of school and the baby that’s on the way. They’re driving to Yellowstone National Park in their brown ranch wagon. The Bible is on Mother’s lap; and Father plans to stop at a gun show on the way in order to buy Dick his first rifle. What will Mother buy for Jane? She plans to buy her a new red dress that is so long that it will cover not only her thighs and knees, but also her calves and ankles. And what does Jane think about that? She thinks that’s just swell because Mother knows best. Besides, Father says that Dick will let her shoot his new rifle when they get home, but not before she sets the table for Mother and after the family prays and sits down for dinner to talk about the trip. 

“He that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked” (Proverbs 29.27.) As long as a few families in the nation are ‘upright in the way,’ wicked democrats and their loathsome allies will not be happy. To quote their refrain, “More needs to be done.” They will never be happy; but they will be less miserable if they can get rid of the last of these upright families. They know the obverse of that proverb, which makes them hate all the more. They know that ‘an unjust man is an abomination to the just.’ They can feel the disdain that just people have for their wicked ways, and they can’t stand it.  

This is why America will burn. It will burn unless we can generate Dick and Jane families all across America immediately. But no, it must burn even then. It must burn for a more fundamental reason than wicked, democrat hatred. God must judge America for its many sins, especially abortion. As for slavery, that has been paid for many times over. Since this judgment must happen, our prayer should be that it will happen by a plague—a real one. That would be more merciful than being judged through migrants, Communism, famine, or the loss of power to run homes and transport goods. A plague is the quickest way. Take the punishment, don’t complain about it, bury the dead, repent, believe on Jesus like the settlers did, and then live like Dick, Jane, Mother, and Father. That is the best we can hope for. Our nations have committed so much wickedness that we must assume that we are in the place David was when God asked him to choose a method of punishment for his sin of pride in numbering his people. “Shall seven years of famine come upon thee in thy land? or wilt thou flee three months before thine enemies, while they pursue thee? or that there be three days’ pestilence in thy land?” (2 Samuel 24.) David chose to fall ‘into the hand of the LORD’ because the LORD is more merciful than enemies. And so the LORD sent a pestilence instead of war. If enough Americans united in prayer to acknowledge before God what they deserve, maybe the USA would be granted a new beginning. But, you see, united prayer will never happen, not in actual earnest contrition, at least, because even the people who are not democrats are more proud than humble, not to mention ungodly enough to be practically atheists. They would not even know that the faithful and the heathen should not be praying together and that such a mixed multitude of belief and unbelief will not be heard by God. Interfaith prayer must be avoided, shunned, and condemned by every faithful believer in Jesus Christ. Then united prayer among faithful believers may begin. But the few families who would pray—the few who are ‘upright in the way’—these are not numerous enough nor pious enough to draw down such a huge response from the LORD of heaven and earth. This means that the USA will have it rough; but it will have it no rougher, maybe, than the rest of western civilization will have it, all of which must fall, just as Babylon fell, just as Israel fell, just as Judah fell, and just as Rome fell. America’s best days are behind, not before. If its best days are not behind, it will be a long time until we see these best days. America must be judged, not because we hate America, but because the LORD hates wickedness.

Shall we eat, drink, and be merry then, while we still can? We dare not do that because our payment on earth for sins is nothing compared with what we must pay hereafter for those very same sins. Mother, Father, Dick, and Jane must be more than conservative; they must be born again. They must obtain the righteousness of Christ by faith, not so much for this world, though that is important enough, but for the everlasting world to come.