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Monday, June 29, 2020


What is going on in the USA is an attempted revolution, and it will probably succeed. These riots in early June, 2020, are not the first, and there are many to come. If the republicans manage to stay in power, they will soon have to govern in a way that will look dictatorial and martial. They will have to do it this way because the democrats, their donors, their media, and their terrorist wings will have it no other way. The democrats have become so radical that they will not be governed by republicans, only ruled by an iron fist. Every time they can find an excuse to riot, they will run with it. No party, no police force, and certainly not every member of the white race can maintain the innocent conduct that is necessary to avoid giving the democrats an excuse to riot. Like magic, any bad thing that happens to a black person, whether that thing is real or imagined, can be pulled out of the hat to mean ‘systemic racism’—: the absurd charge that racism against blacks is everywhere. And then the riots are on, and cities burn once again. How do you govern a country like that? You have to do it with power. You have to be willing to be called a despot in order to have law and order.   

But the USA will be ruled by an iron fist even if the republicans lose power, and especially in that case because the democrats are now Communists. Therefore if the republicans are smart, they will crush every riot just as a dictatorship would do: instantly and without mercy. That is the only chance, unless a revival of religion happens, that Americans have of not falling into Communist hands. 

America will burn because the democrats want it to burn. If they are out of power, they will riot. If they are in power, they will destroy. But why do the democrats hate America? They hate America because its Constitutional liberty does not allow them to be in power perpetually. They want power because they want resources. And they want resources in order to live in luxury, to look down on others, and to practice debauchery in high places, with impunity. But even if they get everything they want, they will still hate, and they will still burn everything down. But why is it so? They will continue to hate as long as vestiges of righteousness remain, which righteousness can never be entirely extirpated. 

Here is what democrats hate to see most of all. Here is what they want to eradicate by burning America down. Dick and Jane are on vacation with Mother and Father to celebrate the end of school and the baby that’s on the way. They’re driving to Yellowstone National Park in their brown ranch wagon. The Bible is on Mother’s lap; and Father plans to stop at a gun show on the way in order to buy Dick his first rifle. What will Mother buy for Jane? She plans to buy her a new red dress that is so long that it will cover not only her thighs and knees, but also her calves and ankles. And what does Jane think about that? She thinks that’s just swell because Mother knows best. Besides, Father says that Dick will let her shoot his new rifle when they get home, but not before she sets the table for Mother and after the family prays and sits down for dinner to talk about the trip. 

“He that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked” (Proverbs 29.27.) As long as a few families in the nation are ‘upright in the way,’ wicked democrats and their loathsome allies will not be happy. To quote their refrain, “More needs to be done.” They will never be happy; but they will be less miserable if they can get rid of the last of these upright families. They know the obverse of that proverb, which makes them hate all the more. They know that ‘an unjust man is an abomination to the just.’ They can feel the disdain that just people have for their wicked ways, and they can’t stand it.  

This is why America will burn. It will burn unless we can generate Dick and Jane families all across America immediately. But no, it must burn even then. It must burn for a more fundamental reason than wicked, democrat hatred. God must judge America for its many sins, especially abortion. As for slavery, that has been paid for many times over. Since this judgment must happen, our prayer should be that it will happen by a plague—a real one. That would be more merciful than being judged through migrants, Communism, famine, or the loss of power to run homes and transport goods. A plague is the quickest way. Take the punishment, don’t complain about it, bury the dead, repent, believe on Jesus like the settlers did, and then live like Dick, Jane, Mother, and Father. That is the best we can hope for. Our nations have committed so much wickedness that we must assume that we are in the place David was when God asked him to choose a method of punishment for his sin of pride in numbering his people. “Shall seven years of famine come upon thee in thy land? or wilt thou flee three months before thine enemies, while they pursue thee? or that there be three days’ pestilence in thy land?” (2 Samuel 24.) David chose to fall ‘into the hand of the LORD’ because the LORD is more merciful than enemies. And so the LORD sent a pestilence instead of war. If enough Americans united in prayer to acknowledge before God what they deserve, maybe the USA would be granted a new beginning. But, you see, united prayer will never happen, not in actual earnest contrition, at least, because even the people who are not democrats are more proud than humble, not to mention ungodly enough to be practically atheists. They would not even know that the faithful and the heathen should not be praying together and that such a mixed multitude of belief and unbelief will not be heard by God. Interfaith prayer must be avoided, shunned, and condemned by every faithful believer in Jesus Christ. Then united prayer among faithful believers may begin. But the few families who would pray—the few who are ‘upright in the way’—these are not numerous enough nor pious enough to draw down such a huge response from the LORD of heaven and earth. This means that the USA will have it rough; but it will have it no rougher, maybe, than the rest of western civilization will have it, all of which must fall, just as Babylon fell, just as Israel fell, just as Judah fell, and just as Rome fell. America’s best days are behind, not before. If its best days are not behind, it will be a long time until we see these best days. America must be judged, not because we hate America, but because the LORD hates wickedness.

Shall we eat, drink, and be merry then, while we still can? We dare not do that because our payment on earth for sins is nothing compared with what we must pay hereafter for those very same sins. Mother, Father, Dick, and Jane must be more than conservative; they must be born again. They must obtain the righteousness of Christ by faith, not so much for this world, though that is important enough, but for the everlasting world to come.