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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Red Deer Advocate, November 10th, 2011. What does the modern-day feminist do when she gets breast cancer? She poses in the nude, of course. This is not the punch-line to a joke. The pictures were splayed all over our local paper! The article, the caption of which is pasted in here, is very careful to add the necessary details behind the nude photos: ‘The SCAR Project’—the ‘Breast Fest’—the women, ‘topless, scars exposed.’ This is all supposed to be okay because it’s ‘dedicated to breast cancer awareness.’ Who would dare say anything against that which has become the goddess of awarenesses? I would, and will.  

The following statistics off CBC radio from Karen Greve Young at Medical and Related Sciences (MaRS): Colorectal cancer kills 70% more Canadians than breast cancer does. But 36 times more money goes to fight breast cancer than colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is very screenable, and therefore often treatable through this measure, yet few persons are screened.

Feminist propaganda is gone so far into the gutter that breast cancer victims are solicited into posing nude in order to further the cause to fight the disease, even if it’s at the expense of victims of other forms of cancer. That is the sick nature of feminism: to first look after your great Self, and if the next person doesn’t happen to be in the right cancer camp, that’s just too bad! 

These are ‘heart-wrenching portraits,’ just as the article says (thankfully not titillating nor tempting, though the posers keep their chins up to put on a sexy front.) But they are heart-wrenching, not just because the black work of cancer is evident, but because the pictures reveal that the curse of disease has not yet accomplished its positive work on these women. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why, but I have ten times more respect for women who pose for nude magazines than I have for these posers for cancer. Well, I guess it’s for this reason: the surprising revelation that women you would have shown respect to are as full of ‘dead men’s bones’ as those who’ve been posing for magazines like Playboy all along. And it’s for this reason: curses like cancer are poured out on us in order to turn us from our iniquities (Daniel 9.10-13), but these women invite even more judgment upon our people by adding sin to a sin-caused curse! What bad examples they are who rebel against God by sinning in the face of what he sends to cause them to repent!

Maybe you think that cancer is just random or environmental, and that therefore God has no hand in that gnawing plague. Dear reader, if you don’t yet understand that God can’t be God unless everything that happens be in his hand, then you’re probably in no better relationship to him than these posing hussies are. Cancer is a terrible weapon, a sharp scythe to cut through the toughest sinews and the most precious marrow. Whatever your disease or type of cancer, may it be used by the Spirit of God to cut through to your heart and turn it towards your Creator for mercy. Hell is worse than all forms of cancer combined. It is therefore imperative for disease to do a good work in you before you die. Consider the word ‘all’ in this Bible text: “All this evil is come upon us: yet made we not our prayer before the LORD our God, that we might turn from our iniquities” (Daniel 9.13.) May this frighten you to a change of heart and a turn from your many sins. “The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart” (Psalm 34.18.)