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Wednesday, June 30, 2021



We’re guilty of genocide—so they say,

Against the ‘indigenous’ from June until May.

Every nation, as long as it’s a ‘first’:

They’re all wiped out now or well on their way—

Or so they say: it’s what genocide means.

Boxcars, concentration camps, and gas—

Inhumanity! Indigenous purge!

Who will write the eulogy? Who the dirge?

No cultural appropriation, sirs!

Canada Day no more! Use the curse of Job:

Let that day perish wherein we were born!  

Make the most of our worst; kneel down and mourn.

Check our privilege and our genocide.

Follow up with suicide—if we care.

We’ll do it if we care—for genocide.

Genocide, genocide, so much of it!

Haven’t seen it yet? At least believe that

A dream catcher caught the ghost of it.

No catcher at my window, not for me.

But if it caught a dream, here’s what it said:

From Liberal lips while I lay on my bed:

“Secure all the voters, begin with the Reds.

Just drive the narrative: the genocide. 

Hype it up by graves, resurrect ‘em all.

Two hundred and fifteen? Go find us more!

Dead bones can live; they can live to the fall.

Each dead bone is a thousand ballots, pal.

Broken promises? Forge genocide again.

Reservation squalor? So that’s their lot!

Mercury poison? Grassy Narrows—what?! 

The narrative, the narrative: the genocide.

Residential schools: where some babies died.

Whatever is an inch, make a mile wide.

Whatever is narrow, dig to the core.

Make mass graves to be there; only believe!

Do a token visit; pass through the sage.

Make smudge our screen to share in their grudge.   

Then bye to the rez; we saved our own hide.

The money we gave, your chiefs will decide:

Here Walks Like A Bear: run get your loonie. 

Thank the Liberal Party before we’re off; 

We’re off to Ottawa, our booty calls.

Stand by Little Beaver and Growling Bear, 

Bird with a Beak, White Cloud Feather, and wait—

For next time when we need you in the war

Against genocide near election time.” 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

The 'Ongoing Genocide' of the 'Indigenous' in Canada


On Sunday, June 6th, 2021, after listening to a couple of sermons via MP3, I switched my little transistor unit to radio mode to hear the weather or something (not the news, because on CBC Radio the news is too often fake news.) After switching over to the CBC, I left the radio on too long and accidentally heard the Juno Awards being introduced. Before turning the radio off, I predicted that the Juno Awards would not get underway without first repeating the story about the ‘indigenous discovery’ that was allegedly made in Kamloops recently. I am not a prophet; but mainstream Canadian content is so predictable that my prediction came to pass just as if I were one. I turned the radio off after hearing my prophecy being fulfilled in real time, but not before I heard the warning that the Juno Awards would contain ‘coarse language.’ That’s what you can expect these days on Canadian television and radio: coarse language. 

So after a few words about how wonderful the Juno Awards are (they’re not), the host passed it over to Buffy Sainte-Marie, an ‘indigenous’ singer. Trying hard to cry but failing in the attempt, she spoke of the alleged Kamloops discovery in the context of the ‘ongoing genocide’ of ‘indigenous’ persons in Canada. What does her assertion amount to? She was accusing white Canadians of being genocidal—genocidal like Adolph Hitler was.  

There never was any genocide in Canada; there never was an attempted genocide in Canada; there is no ‘ongoing genocide’ of ‘indigenous’ persons in Canada. What has the Juno Awards to do with ‘indigenous’ genocide, anyway? What has it to do with genocide generally? It has nothing at all to do with it. But some people like to feel righteous at least sometimes; and the shortcut to feeling this way is to accuse others of sins like racism and genocide. Driving others down, even if it is by a false accusation, gives accusers the allusion of a lift; this is the upward path, they think, to being righteous. Instead of aiming for righteousness by repenting of their sins, they must believe that it is obtained by having their neighbors repent of sins that their neighbors didn’t do. 

The closest thing to an ongoing genocide in Canada is the one against defenseless babies in the womb. Do we want to be righteous? Let’s begin by repenting of that sin. Furthermore, since ‘indigenous’ people believe in animism—since they believe that buffaloes are kindred spirits—maybe it’s time to accuse them of genocide against the buffalo. The white man did help to wipe out the buffalo herds; but ‘head-smashed-in buffalo jump’ sounds like an ‘indigenous’ practice, doesn’t it? Instead of settling the land like the pilgrims did, what did ‘indigenous’ persons do? Instead of settling down and planting crops, they roamed over the face of Canada slaughtering all the buffalo herds and massacring each other, tribe against tribe. People, be they ‘indigenous’ individuals or not, forfeit their right to the land they occupy if their occupation involves barbarous behavior like tribal warfare, scalping, headhunting, wanton torture, and cannibalism. Read the Old Testament and you will learn that when a nation—even a ‘first’ nation—pollutes its land with blood, that nation is eventually dispossessed because of it. This is why the white man has controlled the agenda in Canada for so long. Through atrocities like abortion and philosophies like feminism, however, the white man is self-exterminating. Kill your kin in the womb, and raise the rest to hate themselves—this is how you slay your own skin.  

No living person is guilty, probably, of the 215 ‘indigenous’ deaths in Kamloops where its residential school closed in 1978. If some culprit still lives who was involved in the incident, assuming there was in incident, I am not one of them. And no one can be truly guilty of deaths that were caused by someone else—even if the dead are ‘indigenous’ persons. What is the truth of the recent story out of Kamloops that the CBC told us about on May 28th? ‘Mass unmarked grave’ was the headline that the National Post and the Toronto Star ran with and that some politicians copied. The ‘discovery’ was made by the use of ‘ground penetrating radar’; or so they say. But how does ground penetrating radar determine that there are 215 bodies in a mass grave? This detection technology is not exact enough to determine something like that. Is the ‘mass grave’ really a number of unmarked burial sites? Were the children killed? Or did they die of a disease like TB, maybe? Isn’t it interesting that the RCMP is being obstructed from investigating the matter? And isn’t it interesting that just a few days after the ‘discovery’ of this ‘mass grave,’ $27 million dollars was being made available by the Federal Liberals to ‘memorialize children who died in the residential school system’? (Ben Cousins, CTV News, June 3, 2021.) Many more millions will flow than 27 though. On June 15th, the CBC reported that the Ontario Conservatives have promised $10 million for residential school sites to be searched. You don’t have to be a taxpaying plumber to know that the money tap will not close after that.   

An old man was interviewed by Drea Humphrey of Rebel News about this residential school that he went to where the 215 children were allegedly dumped, holocaust-like, into a mass grave. What chilling anecdotes did he have to tell? He shared only one. A boy died, he said, from a jump in a haystack, which was one of the games that ‘indigenous’ children used to play. You can tell by the rest of what he had to say that life was not too bad in the infamous residential school system. He spoke of apples, cows, pigs, chickens, and horses, but only of one death, which was accidental. He intimated that some girls died ‘in the water’ where they washed clothes. But he shared no specific anecdote about that. Those deaths too, if there were any, would have been accidental. This residential school was not equivalent to Auschwitz, after all. If you look hard enough, you will find the buried testimonies of ‘indigenous’ persons who have been thankful for the residential schools that they were made to attend. These buried testimonies—now there’s your mass grave, sirs! Go and do some digging there! What beautiful skeletons remain to be recovered! But suppose we pretend that every ‘indigenous’ experience in every one of those schools was a bad one. Would not most of those experiences still be better than the ‘indigenous’ way of life that once was? Here is an example of how ‘indigenous’ persons fed the white man back in 1763. “I confess,” said Alexander Henry, “that in the canoe, with the Chippewas, I was offered bread—but bread with what accompaniment! They had a loaf which they cut with the same knives they had employed in the massacre—knives still covered in blood. The blood they moistened with spittle and, rubbing it on the bread, offered this to their prisoners, telling them to eat the blood of their countrymen” (Alexander Henry, Massacre at Michilimackinac, in Captured by the Indians, edited by Frederick Drimmer, p. 84.) Did the white man not feed ‘indigenous’ persons—even in residential schools—better food than this? ‘Indigenous’ bellies were never more regularly satisfied than while going to these schools. 

Defending the Roman Catholic Church is not something that I normally do. But if Buffy Sainte-Marie believed in an ‘ongoing genocide’ that was in its heyday while residential schools were being run by Roman Catholics, would she not have changed her Catholic name to an ‘indigenous’ one by now? Why hasn’t she changed her name? Is it not because she knows there never was a genocide? And can it not be because her ‘Sainte-Marie’ name is the recognized one to make the most money by?

An honest article on this subject is what a CBC journalist ought to have written by now. But honest journalism is not what the CBC does. The CBC’s unwritten mandate is to defame and divide. Its most used argument, if not its only one, is the baseless accusation. White Canadians are not systemically racist; the CBC, though, is systemically defamatory. 

No one in Canada is guilty of genocide against anybody—not even against the ‘indigenous.’ What is the ninth commandment? “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” This commandment is good for every school, even the ‘residential school’; and it is good for everyone, even the ‘indigenous.’ Where did the idea come from for agitating about a ‘mass grave’ suddenly discovered near a residential school? I am tempted to prophesy that it came from fancy folks of the white socialist class: the establishment politicians and their mass media minions who make their living and maintain power by setting ethnic groups against each other. If it did not come from there—if it came from an ‘indigenous’ source—it is still true that the idea has now been used by the socialist class to make fancy snobs look compassionate and the rest of us look racist and genocidal. Bearing false witness is the socialist’s most frequent method of emitting his ingloriousness because the socialist’s chief attribute is envy. The socialist envies the peace that people have who mind their own business; therefore the socialist’s mission is to disturb this peace, which is done by telling lies. Bearing false witness is as natural to a socialist as it is natural for God to be faithful to truth. What shall be given to ‘lying lips’ and the ‘deceitful tongue’? The Bible says that ‘sharp arrows’ and ‘coals of juniper’ shall be given to both (Psalm 120); and the sharp arrows and coals of juniper will be more dreadful than the words ‘arrows’ and ‘coals’ denote because these arrows and coals will be supernatural and divinely administered. Falsely accusing others of murder and genocide, even if these others are hated white folks, is the breaking of one of the most sacred commandments that was ever given; sacred judgment can be that sin’s only reward. Divine judgment will be dispensed for defamation. ‘Lying lips’ and ‘deceitful tongues’ will be silenced at the judgment before the incarnation of the Word of God: Jesus Christ the Righteous. 

    Since the truth about a matter may still be found, though with an increasing amount of effort due to progressive censorship, people who have jumped aboard this lying narrative about a ‘mass indigenous grave’ or the ‘ongoing genocide of indigenous persons’ are guilty in some measure as well. Sharing a lying narrative is not as sinful as making one up. But to share a lie is to forward a lie; and to forward a lie that we don’t know is a lie is nevertheless the promotion of what is untrue. This is a serious sin when the promotion of the untruth entails the defamation of a large body of Canadians whose skin pigmentation happens to be white. Some of us are never going to accept being called racist no matter how many ‘mass graves’ of ‘indigenous’ persons are allegedly found because we have had nothing to do with the alleged crimes involved. And we are going to continue to be as happy to be white as ‘indigenous’ persons are proud of their primitive heritage. If a white Bible believing Christian is okay with Solomon being happy that his lover is so tanned that she calls herself ‘black’ (Song of Solomon 1.5, 6), then this white Bible believing Christian must be something less than a white supremacist. 

    White supremacy is the narrative being pushed by the CBC and the politicians who bankroll that Communist corporation; and this indigenous story out of Kamloops is just one more way to drive that narrative into white skin. Defamatory darts aimed at white people merely because they are not colored, nor elitists, nor atheists, nor ‘indigenous’—these darts can sting; but if these white people are Bible believing Christians, these darts ultimately stick to the cross of Christ behind which every Bible believing Christian hides. A sinner may be reserved for heaven even if he is white. And there is no ‘indigenous’ person alive who has any hope of heaven on the basis of his heritage. Indigenous ceremonies are as far from the kingdom of heaven as Roman Catholic rosary beads are. Salvation is not earned by the sinner; it is wrought by Christ for the sinner. “But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness” (Romans 4.5.)