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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Why Residential School History is Being Falsified


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau loves these alleged discoveries of unmarked graves at residential school sites. And he loves it that churches are being burned in response to these alleged discoveries. He loves the alleged discoveries of unmarked gravesites because the preoccupation gives him an ethnic group to pretend to stand up for. And we know he loves the burning of churches because his denunciation of the crime wave is cool. He would be boiling over with rage, though, if mosques were being burned; or at least he would pretend very hard to care, maybe even to the point of shedding theatrical tears, which he often does. He loves chaos because he needs crises to campaign on; he needs crises to campaign on because he has no accomplishments to point to. He could stop fanaticism from being whipped up on account of these unmarked graves that are being conveniently found. He could stop churches from being burned to the ground. But he needs trouble in order to be reelected. If only he can draw a violent reaction from white folks whose churches are being destroyed, he will have something to forward as evidence of white supremacy. Retaliation would not be supremacist; but this fact would not matter.  

While it is true that Trudeau cannot be saved from burning in hell through Roman Catholic doctrine, even if he were a practicing Catholic, his burning in hell will be hotter because of Catholic churches burning. Catholicism can’t save; but it’s a sin to not prevent Catholic churches from burning. Arson is attempted murder; therefore that person is guilty who could stop these attempts but won’t; and this guilt must be added to the judgment of his other sins. All the PM has to do to stop the terrorism is take the cuffs off the RCMP and let them do the job that they are being paid by taxpayers to do. But the RCMP is effectively a wing of the Liberal Party now. So instead of investigating arson, RCMP officers are used to persecute citizens for practicing the liberties that are endorsed in the Charter. Arson is winked at; freedom of assembly is disallowed. Statues may be torn down; but the person (in Manitoba recently) protesting the vandalism is tasered.

When Communism is introduced, the elites who bring it in have their terrorist groups tear down what stands in Communism’s way. This is what’s happening in Canada in 2021. A PM doesn’t have to say, “Go and burn those churches down and go and knock those statues over.” All he has to do is ask his handlers to create the atmosphere in which a storm will occur, have the media whip the storm up into a hurricane, and order the cops to stand down and let that storm destroy. The unmarked grave site situation involves no accidental discoveries. The burning of churches involves a coordinated scheme as well, though with possibly here and there a spontaneous act.       

The Trudeau family has been in a love affair with the Castro family for decades. It makes no difference whether Justin’s ideal father is Fidel or Pierre because both Fidel and Pierre were Communists. One devil is as bad as the other because the ideology of the Cuban was that also of the French. Maybe we would be better off if Justin were more like his mother: mentally unbalanced. But no, it would make no difference; Justin is no more the controlled man-boy than if he were completely insane. The residential school crisis is probably not his idea. He knows how to roll a joint; he doesn’t know how to create a smokescreen.   

You can find a lot of unmarked graves in old indigenous burial grounds. These may be seen online. And I know from history books that while on the march to wherever their nomadic feet pointed to next, indigenous persons frequently ‘knocked on the head’ captives who slowed them down, left them there, and continued on. No marked graves for them. These unmarked graves being complained about are a lot better than what so many indigenous persons and their captives were honored with before the white man stepped onto America. And the treatment that indigenous children received in residential schools was no doubt better than what they received from their tribes in pre-colonial times. Whenever I have watched or heard an interview of a residential school ‘survivor,’ specific information about the survival has been conspicuously absent. I seldom, if ever, have heard a specific instance of abuse reported by an alleged victim. Of course there was abuse. Some abuse occurs in practically every institution, especially the Roman Catholic one. But where are the anecdotes of abuse in these residential schools? The CBC would be making these anecdotes known if there were so many. If a person has been abused, that person can give details. He or she might say, “I was raped” or “I was kicked” or “I was slapped” or “I was often deprived of food.” But this is not the kind of thing we hear. We are told that the treatment was bad or harmful or racist. But this is so general that it could mean nothing more than that a teacher was verbally cross once in awhile. There are former workers at these schools who pretend to have repented of their association with them. Even they, in spite of their finger pointing, do not relate specific anecdotes of abuse. There is this video on the ‘CBC News’ YouTube channel called: “Former residential school child-care workers say they wish the school had never existed.” This video was put up on July 5th, 2021. Before watching this fourteen minute video, I predicted that nothing would be revealed about how bad the school was except indistinct allegations. Here is what these two ‘residential school child-care workers’ revealed. They revealed horrors like these: there was ‘inadequate staffing’; the kids were ‘poorly integrated’; they ‘slept in dormitories’; they were ‘washed with a very strong soap.’ These two ‘former residential school child-care workers’ worked at a residential school in 1970 on Vancouver Island for ‘four months.’ This qualifies them, apparently, to speak with authority on the subject of residential schools. These ‘four months’ are their credentials. From this vast experience they are qualified to assure us that the residential school was so bad that it should not have existed. Back in 1970, they were a young married couple newly come up from the United States. Their names are Nancy Dyson and Dan Rubenstein. What are they really up to? The CBC host, either making a mistake or else trying to protect the couple from revealing eye-opening information, says that the book they wrote on the subject was released ‘last year’; that is, in 2020. Nancy Dyson corrects her with: “Our book was released just as the first announcement came out about the unmarked graves in Kamloops.” What propitious timing! Positively providential! Just a coincidence! No collusion at all! So they could have spoken up in the 1970s or the 1980s or the 1990s or in the year 2000, 2010, or 2015; but they didn’t. They had fifty years to squeal about how this residential school was like a gulag; but they didn’t. No, they speak up now, fifty-one years later, just as their book and the story out of Kamloops mysteriously collide! Were the kids at the residential school they worked at raped, murdered, or burned alive at the stake? Shouldn’t Nancy Dyson and Dan Rubenstein turn themselves over to the authorities for being part of the problem at an infamous residential school? Should we not have a Nuremberg Trial for them? Nancy Dyson and Dan Rubenstein are unprincipled opportunists, two of many trying to cash in on the residential school cash cow. They really have nothing to report, just a little money to make or some hero posing to do. What were these schools like for real? There is this other video that I found. It is on the ‘CBC Saskatchewan’ YouTube channel. I’m surprised it’s there at all. The video was put up on September 29th, 2020, and is called: “Kerry Benjoe shares her experience as a student at the residential school in Lebret.” So the video is about her experience at one of these schools. Her memories of the school, she says, are ‘mostly positive.’ Her supervisors and teachers, she says, ‘really were positive influences on me.’ She says that she has gotten tired of people apologizing for her having gone to the school. Most indigenous persons, I think, must be tired of being treated like victims. Her journey in the residential school is ‘probably one that no one has really heard much about,’ she says. This is true; only the opinion that says the schools were horrible is allowed any press. This video of Kerry Benjoe’s experience is an oddity, not because her experience is of the rare kind, but because her experience is of the unpopular kind. What is unpopular is often the truth; the truth is often hard to find; when we hear the ring of unpopular truth, the agenda sounds like a cheap gong in comparison with it. Truth and agenda do not sound alike; they look different from each other, too. Compare Kerry Benjoe’s body language to that of Nancy Dyson and Dan Rubenstein. I can see the difference there between honesty and duplicity. It didn’t take a lot of guts for Nancy and Dan to talk about this topic, like the host says. The video does not ‘contain graphic details,’ like it says at the beginning of the video. And the subject of residential schools is not a ‘painful conversation.’ The subject is a tool to get the Liberals reelected; and it’s a way for well-placed Liberal-minded opportunists to make some easy money or appear compassionate.                    

In the days of residential schools, pupils were taught actual history, language skills, arithmetic, and some religion, albeit the corrupt Catholic one. Except for Roman Catholicism, is that not better than what is taught today? Today pupils are taught to hate history; they learn no religion, except maybe the Muslim faith; they can barely count on their fingers; and they can’t write a sentence that makes sense. They are taught to hate the white race; they are taught fake science like evolution and climate change; they are taught fake biology in gender studies; and this is all presented within the framework of philosophical Communism, which is atheistic, amoral, and totalitarian. It isn’t the residential schools that we need to address the wrongs of, for they are in the past and were better than the schools we have now. The schools of today are what need to be regretted and changed. 

Except for technical skills, our kids are being indoctrinated, not taught. And the saddest parts of the history of the residential school system are being exaggerated so that indigenous persons and loafer-leftists, rather than make progress by getting on with their lives, can be made to stew and bubble over in violence to benefit the Liberal Party. The residential school crisis is a decoy. The fabricated crisis has fuelled the burning of churches. And the institution that stands to benefit the most from both the fabricated crisis and the burning of churches is the present governing Liberal Party of Canada.

We are beginning to reap a whirlwind of evil in Canada because enough of us don’t know, even with access to the facts through alternative media on the internet, that we are being fooled. We are so in the dark about what’s happening before our eyes that we might as well be limited to a few newspapers and three television channels, like in the old days. The root of our trouble is this: “For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD” (Proverbs 1.29.) God will give us over to Trudeau, his successors, and to Communism if we continue to choose unwisely. The July 13th lightning strike on the mural of George Floyd is an encouraging sign that, as Francis Schaeffer used to say, “God is there and he is not silent.” But we shouldn’t need a lightning strike on the mural of a celebrated thug to know that we should fear God. If we were to fear God as we ought, we would know what’s going on because: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding” (Proverbs 9.10.) We are going to have to begin to ask God for this fear before he gives it to us without our asking.