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Friday, August 17, 2012


Homosexuals have sometimes been attacked and even killed because of their homosexuality. This is true. But when someone who’s gay simply gets into a fight because of a circumstance common among men, some gay community or other, rallies to persuade the public that the thumping he got was unprovoked bashing. How often have we heard instances of this? Recent behavior and ancient history show that the homosexual is sometimes the aggressor. Unlike the kind of unverified grounds that are sometimes put forward by gay activists in support of an allegation that so and so was beat up because he was gay, we will confine ourselves to actual data to prove that gays indeed bash, or try to. And it will be evident that their violent intent includes the most extreme form of bashing.

First, this article from The Calgary Sun, February 20, 1995. Homosexual blood was then more likely than any other to be tainted with this killer virus called AIDS. That is a stated fact. Yet some particular homosexuals insisted, even to the point of crying discrimination, that they be allowed to donate it! Here is a disregard for human life, if not a murderous intent. Practically no one, not even back in 1995, was ignorant of the risk associated with homosexual blood. Why insist on giving blood when you’re a high-risk donor? Is it not because you don’t care who might get infected through your own dubious blood? Should lives be risked just to placate whining homosexuals?

Second, brutish aggression by gays was extant way back near the dawn of this dark deviancy the sophisticated class call ‘same-sex partnership.’ “The men of Sodom…called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them” (Genesis 19.4, 5.) Context, etymology, comparison of Scripture with Scripture, and traditional interpretation—all of these hermeneutic appliances together force us to admit that here is an instance of unprovoked homosexual aggression. This historical event and the news article evidently demonstrate a bashing intent by gays that is as mean, ferocious, and deadly as any homophobic desire there is in the whole wide world to gay bash.

The wonderful thing is that God has not reduced the gay world to ashes like he did once at Sodom and Gomorrah! For the sake of those who are saintly in the gay quarters of a city and those who haven’t repented of their lifestyle but will, he holds back. But his discriminating thunderbolts do regularly single out sinners of all types and degrees for the grave and hell! Whatever your sin, dear sinner, whether homosexual sex, or adultery, or fornication, or even lying, look to the Bearer of sin while mercy lasts for this dying world! Look to him whose mission it was to donate his very heart upon the cross that sinners like you may be saved!

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