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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


From one of the Sun newspapers, Spring, 2011. By pasting in news of this feminist event, I am walking the blog as close to the sewer’s edge as I have ever dared. What the police officer said is not ‘insulting to everyone.’ I second his opinion. Only I would use the word ‘harlot’ or even ‘whore’ instead. Whatever word the Bible uses, we may use as well. That is the safest standard.

Women who dress like harlots have no right to expect respectful treatment. Dressing like sin is an invitation to be treated sinfully. The picture beside this clip (not pasted in here) is of a woman holding a placard over her head, the words and symbol upon which point her out particularly by the four letter word! What says the Bible in reply? “Thou hadst a whore’s forehead, thou refusedst to be ashamed” (Jeremiah 3.3.) The verse speaks of Judah’s idolatries. Their spiritual sins are here identified with their literal adulteries. Sexual promiscuity springs from spiritual godlessness, which is the root of rotten fruit.

I’m not saying that lewdly attired women should be victimized. But should they expect, much less demand, to be respected? To dress lewdly while demanding respect is to send a contradictory message. To demand marriage from the man you already sleep with is another contradiction. It is difficult work to obtain honor after acting dishonorably. A woman may get a man to marry her after she has slept with him. But that man would respect her more in marriage if she had been chaste before marriage.

God is against any woman with a whore’s forehead. These harlots of today are less wise than harlots of olden days, for ours make financial demands only after they sleep around. But notice how good God is toward harlots and sinners at large. “Therefore the showers have been withholden, and there hath been no latter rain” (Jeremiah 3.3.) If this means that only the latter rain is withheld, then sinners have cause to thank God for sustenance arising from early rain not being denied as well. He cares and provides, even for balky sinners. He is creation’s longsuffering provider. If the ‘showers’ mean the early rain, then both rains are denied, and the full drought is on. This proves God’s mercy also, for the drought is meant to drive sinners to him for succor. By either interpretation, sinners are beholden to God. It won’t hurt to take both interpretations together. Both his goodness and his justice are meant to drive sinners to repentance to obtain mercy from their Creator.

You who call yourself a harlot, reason with me for a moment. Will behaving like a harlot secure you the respectful husband you are dying of thirst to be united to? This behavior may leave you stranded in the drought of singleness, or with a bum for a husband. Lewd dressing and loose behaving is a whore’s forehead. This stiff-necked stubbornness spells your unhappiness and misery. If you come to Jesus, his Father will be your Father. Then, being rescued from sin, you can apply prayer and wisdom to the lesser problem of finding a husband. You might even get a good one that way. “To him [Jesus Christ] give all the prophets witness, that through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission [pardon] of sins” (Acts 10.43.)


Anonymous said...

where I live its early summer - 96.4% of all women aged under 55 are dressing like slutbags, any women that wears a dress above the knee line is a slutbag, the shorter it is the more slutbag she is, in country's like Afghanistan and Iran she'd be put to death by stoning or hanging by now. But no, this is a corrupted demoralised western country where they permit women to prostitute themselves, the result is I've lost all respect for women, all they are after is one thing and it isn't a long-term truly loving mutually respecting and beneficial relationship.

thebibleandthenews said...

It's too bad that some cultures have come to this. But I must say that it is still better than cultures that make women cover themselves completely. It may seem that women who dress lewdly are after sex. The truth is, with few exceptions, each woman is after a man to marry her. Women think that they have to get a man to the point of marriage through sex. And so this is why they dress like they do. Sadly, almost all women in the Western world go through these motions. The result is that most of them end up getting used by strings of opportunistic men.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the article on "A Whore's Forehead" Afer reading Jeremiah's mention of this I wanted to
learn more of exactly what it meant. It is clearer now. For that, thank you. I must
say this, Almighty God in His graciousness and eternal love always wants sinners to repent and we are
all sinners. Romans 3:23. Even the harlot Rahab, God saved along with all her family. She became a
part in the lineage of Christ our Lord and Savior. I believe God by His Spirit led Rahab out of prostitution into a new life. That's what God does. All the old things pass away and all things become new; the things of God. 2 Corinthians 5:17. Hallelujah.
One comment on public exposure by women, even young women in their teens; If it can become more revealing, it will. At beaches in most places, it's become as if nothing is required to cover one's private areas. I don't know what younger ones think when they are exposed to this. Teens may think it's just a fad to them, but wearing a string between buttocks is just not the way it should be, is it?
This is sending the wrong message to many, especially those who have no morals at all. It only leads to
worse situations for a lot of families. Let's not forget God's Word about these last days where He tells
us lawlessness will abound and the love of many will wax cold but our hope remains in the Lord. Only
He can make our world right. All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Him by our heavenly
Father. Be strong, keep the faith, keep trusting in Him so others may see Christ in you, our blessed hope.

thebibleandthenews said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment. I agree with your insights.