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Monday, November 24, 2014


Red Deer Advocate, April 7th, 2011. Thanks to our Canadian judicial system this killer is free to amble about on leave just as if he’d done nothing bad his whole life through. He has a ‘delusional disorder,’ you see, and so we must forget about the kids made dead by him, and rally whatever resources we have at our disposal to help this poor guy. He might have been found ‘not criminally responsible’ through many avenues. ‘Delusional disorder’ just happens to be the chosen ‘grace’ this time around. Lawyers and judges, with influence or advice from doctors, might have picked bipolar disorder or ADD or ADHD or PTSD or even just plain, run-of-the-mill depression to get this guy off. Whatever works to keep a killer out of prison and safely outside those confining bars!

What a wild way to put into practice the philosophy that says medicate and rehabilitate instead of punish! Just pick among the so-called ‘disorders’ that are too commonly diagnosed (not to mention invented, in some cases), and through subjective opinion, not medical science, the killer gets to go free. We know what usually happens then, don’t we? The killer is let out to resume the life he should have had taken from him, and he proceeds to kill again. This is why I include the man’s picture as part of my snippet. Study that face. Remember it. This mug might be skulking around your neighborhood by now. The picture, though, might have been put in by the press to make us feel sorry for the man. Doesn’t he look like a lost little boy behind those rough whiskers? Doesn’t he have the right to kill his kids because of that lost look? Shouldn’t we all risk our children just to give him another chance to make it as a decent human being? Is he not worth risking the lives of defenseless loved ones? (Respecting the last two of these three questions, at least), his doctors must think so; his lawyer must think so; his judge, certainly. When the man is granted full integration into society (it shouldn’t take long), these ‘noblemen’ will no doubt opine that the killer is at low risk to re-offend. But a low risk, even if that were the truth of it, still amounts to a risk. And who do these officials so calmly put at risk by their ‘educated’ opinions and judgments? Your children.

‘Delusional disorder’—this is the reason given for having to grant this killer freedom. This is the reason why triple infanticide should not be followed by a deadbolt, or a noose (which would be much more appropriate.) ‘Delusion’ in Webster’s: ‘a persistent belief in something false.’ The word ‘persistent’: ‘to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of difficulties.’ So this killer stubbornly perseveres to believe falsehood, which leads to killing three times over, and the authorities judge that this deserves him a get-out-of-jail-free-card! Just tack the word ‘disorder’ (which means ‘abnormal state’) at the end of a purely subjective diagnosis, and a killer is sure to get an easy sentence for his crimes in Canada. Who’s to say how abnormal someone is, and how fixed he must be in that state in order for him to get a free pass to kill? There is no medical or scientific tool to measure this. A pronouncement of ‘abnormal’ may be done through opinion, nothing more. And that pronouncement is becoming a ticket to kill with impunity. 

You know who has the delusional disorder? Not just the killer, but the authorities concluding that a delusional killer is a candidate for the society he just finished terrorizing. This is delusion with a capital D: to go on resolutely believing that killers are to be treated instead of terminated or locked up, even when multitudes of examples have shown that rehabilitating killers frequently leads to recidivism, which means more killing.

Killers are not given many avenues of escape by the statutes of the Bible. You might kill someone by accident and then run to a city of refuge. That is a reasonable avenue to have available. But is it reasonable to let a killer go free on account of his persistent belief in falsehood (for this is the definition of ‘delusion.’) Children would sleep better, I think, if they knew that the politicians and judges of their land loved justice enough to kill the killers of children, or at least enough to lock them up for life (not merely that ‘life’ we call 25 years, which usually means a fraction of 25 years.) Capital punishment, not rehab, must be our response to crimes like the horrid one featured in this article. That is the best way to honor God, to protect children, and to restrain the loose cannons among us.

When ‘the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence’ (Ezekiel 7.23), what are the results? ‘Destruction cometh’ (verse 25.) Counsel ceases (verse 26.) Destructive results are not just temporal, though that is awful enough, and all that people care to avoid. Without moral counsel proceeding from lecterns and the counsel of truth from godly pulpits, destruction is certain to result, and destruction, be it sudden or gradual, brings with it the characteristic of terror. When righteous judgment is pushed aside, destruction comes, and if destruction be traced to its end, it comes to include the Second Death: which involves everlasting torment. This is what we are coming to, folks. Look around you. Because of our bloody lawlessness, destruction cometh—destruction is come. Wise counsel is nearly impossible to find in a breathing individual today. One must resort to books, and ancient ones at that, so far gone from wisdom are we. Wisdom is gone from schools, universities, and especially pulpits, with the exception of colleges that teach trades, like mechanics or architecture. Crimes of the worst sort are abounding. Injustice is flooding the land. And so God judges when we do not. Wisdom is nowhere to be found among those in charge. This is part of the judgment of God. What follows are the rotten fruits of injustice, like more abortions, more murders, more robberies, more rapes; which crimes, if left unjudged, lead to anarchy and despotism. This takes time. Just wait for it. But you might be off to a far grimmer reality before chaos unfolds to yield dictatorial order. Wisdom has been removed because our land is polluted with blood. There is this Wisdom that comes with Unction from the Pulpit: this has been taken away as well. And so people die without getting saved, and off to hell they go. The truth is, Canada may have never had much unction in her pulpits in the first place. But now even mere morality is hard to find among ministers.

When you go out, observe the souls that you meet on the street, that you pass by in cars, that you rub shoulders with at the mall. Observe them with this consideration in mind: the majority of them are on their way to hell. Spilled blood that is not avenged equals destruction for a people, both here and Hereafter. You might find destruction too hard to believe in light of your present carefree life. You may be on the road to destruction right now. If you are a scoffer about such a possibility, then you are on that road for certain! Knowledge, wisdom, understanding, morals, unction, all are gone now from almost everywhere you look. This is destruction ready to have its fuse lit. Even those of us under the protective blood of Jesus Christ by faith will suffer ‘collateral damage,’ albeit of a temporal aspect. A morally polluted people must be destined to destruction, or the Bible is a great big lie, which many sinners, even most, are foolishly counting on to be the case.

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