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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Fox News got to moderate the first republican debate in view of the 2016 election of the next President of the United States. The debate was not that bad, considering all the candidates that had to be juggled by the moderators. But Fox News had a dual agenda: to delegitimize Donald Trump particularly, and to make every candidate who is not a status quo crook, appear extreme. This they did, in part, by their question about who receives a word from God. The attack on Trump was the most obvious sin. I will stick to that issue for now.    

What are political debates supposed to be about? They are supposed to be a platform for discussing policies. If the ethics of the candidates ought to be questioned by a moderator, surely some sins more substantial should be alluded to than name-calling! Everyone has figured out that Fox News rigged this debate in such a way as to make Donald Trump look bad. And they put Megyn Kelly front and center to do the dirty work since it is politically incorrect for a man to rebuke a woman.

Listen to this observation from a man of ancient times called Publilius Syrus: aut [out] amat aut [out] odit mulier [mulliere], nihil est tertium. What does that mean? It means this: ‘a woman either loves or hates, there is no third course.’ Lots of truth in that generalization. Megyn Kelly has no third course for Donald Trump. But a professional moderator would have stifled her hatred in order to do what a moderator is called to do.  

Because of the tabloid feel of her show, I have resolved to quit tuning into Megyn Kelly many times. Maybe now, after her brutal, unfair treatment of Donald Trump, I will be more able to keep to that resolution. Donald Trump gave a good enough answer to Kelly’s whining question about name-calling. We should not expect someone to give as good an answer on the fly, as what we, after careful meditation, can come up with. But what might have been an even better answer than Donald Trump’s answer to Kelly’s clever question? He might have said this: “Megyn, you can add one more insult to your list. Here it is: Megyn Kelly is a bimbo for asking a trashy, tacky question when she is supposed to be moderating a political debate.” Or, he might have said this: “Megyn, this is not the ‘Kelly File’; and the ‘Entertainment Tonight’ format should not apply when you’re moderating a political debate. This is not about Megyn Kelly and her ratings. It’s about facilitating a debate by which the next candidate for President of the United States will be chosen.”

This has been a Puritanical opinion on Fox News’ use of Megan Kelly to smear one of the few men who is brave enough to stand up to big government, politically-correct, media-sensitive politicians.  

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