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Saturday, August 15, 2015


Kate Steinle has been laid to rest. She was the thirty-two year old woman who was killed by the illegal immigrant in sanctuary city: San Francisco. Francisco Sanchez, the illegal immigrant who murdered her, had been deported five times and was a convicted felon. He should not have been walking free on the streets of San Francisco. He should have been in prison, preferably in one of the filthiest prisons in whatever banana republic he came from. But the sanctuary city has this lawless policy of harboring ‘criminal aliens’ and letting them run free within city limits to murder citizens who are minding their own business and trying to live peaceful lives.  

Obama pundits like Richard Fowler, a black man, glaze over this white woman’s death by stating that ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ could have prevented her murder, for under comprehensive immigration reform, there would be no need for a sanctuary city, which is where the alien had fled to. It’s a clever spin to say that, so clever that Fowler couldn’t help smiling while he made the statement on Fox News. Brand loyalty is more important to a man like that than sympathy, honor, and respect. The deduction from his statement would go like this: those who have blocked comprehensive immigration reform are the ones who are responsible for Kate Steinle’s death. The truth is, Obama’s comprehensive immigration plan would make every city a sanctuary city, and deaths by illegal aliens would explode in number, and what happened in San Francisco at the hands of this dirty illegal immigrant would be multiplied throughout the USA.

There is a question about this grave matter that no one but me has thought of or that no one but me is assertive enough to ask. Here is the question that I want an answer to: who did Kate Steinle vote for? Who did Kate Steinle vote for in 2008? Who did Kate Steinle vote for in 2012? I am not going to say that she deserved what she got if she voted for Obama. But I will say that if she voted for him, she reaped what she sowed. True, if she and enough other citizens had voted for John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012, the illegal alien might have been in San Francisco in 2015 anyway, and she might have been killed by him in the same fashion anyway. But by voting for Obama, the crime that became Kate Steinle’s fate had the best chance of all of coming to pass.   

This woman was pretty and white and happy and fun. White lives matter. She is not alive today because it was her time to die and because God had numbered her days to go no farther than they did. That’s all true. But it’s also true that it is the present Administration’s fault that she is not alive. Sanchez is the murderer; Obama and his Marxist crew are the enablers. Sanchez should already have been hung on the gallows for what he did. Everyone who wants a stern immigration system in place that would prevent illegal aliens from entering the country and committing dastardly deeds ought to use this case as much as they can: to further the cause against illegal immigration, and to further the cause of alien deportation. 

But back to this question: who did Kate Steinle vote for? It matters either way. If she did not vote for Obama, then she reaped what others have sown, which is an argument for conservatives to push harder for laws against illegal immigration to be executed in full force. If she voted for Obama, then she reaped what she was guilty herself of sowing, which is an argument for some conservative change in the liberal camp. Kate Steinle was killed by a random bullet by an illegal alien. It’s the kind of death that can happen to anyone at any time virtually anywhere in America, especially in a sanctuary city like San Francisco, which is the sort of place that is most popular with liberal democrats who follow President Hussein Obama just as drones do their imperial bee.

You people who vote with blind regularity for liberal, socialist, Marxist candidates whose purpose it is to ‘fundamentally transform’ the nation into something your ancestors would not recognize nor want to live in, listen up. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6.7.) This verse has a deeper meaning than my application of it here. But my application is still legitimate, and here it is: when you sow bad politics, don’t be surprised if you reap rotten rewards. You might reap small or you might reap large. But you will reap in some way at some time because of who you voted for. You could lose your job. You could lose your self-respect. You could lose your life.

This has been a Puritanical opinion on the death of Kate Steinle and the question that we should all be asking: who did she vote for?  

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