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Friday, September 11, 2015


There are many unconventional, domestic wars going on in America: the war on justice and the border in order to get greater numbers of visible minorities into position who will vote for the Left; the war on students by professors who sift their courses through the divisive subjects of racism and feminism in order to further a socialist agenda; the war on women by entertainment programs to convince that na├»ve sex to sleep around, which serves to subject women to men who use females for casual, irresponsible pleasure; the war on babies by agencies and clinics that benefit from the sale of baby body parts; the war on men by judges who award feminists with their ex-husbands’ hard-earned money; the war on industry through over-regulation and arbitrary carbon limits, which is a ruse to confiscate more money through higher taxes; and the war on cops that has been generated by President Obama and his racist ideologues to incite violence between races, which is done to keep blacks in a state of discontent and agitation in order to benefit the political party that hands out the most freebies to those who repine and wallow in unjustified self-pity.  

All unjust wars, conventional or otherwise, come from the same place. They come from a place of lust, which the apostle Peter alludes to in his first epistle (2.11) and which James hints at in his epistle (4.1.) Peter’s comment addresses the fact that wars are directed against the soul, while James’ comment addresses the more serious fact that they are aimed at God. The way to get at the things that fulfill our lusts includes, most notably, money. That is why the Bible states that “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6.10.)

All of these wars are rooted in the love of money, and money is the means to every kind of lust. Money is the root of why politicians want to increase the illegal immigrant population. Increasing the number of illegals and giving them amnesty increases the votes of those who let them in and give them that amnesty, and the votes result in political tenure, which is the means to easy money and easy access to those who have it. Money is the root of the socialist agenda in our universities, for it is socialism that demands more and more money from the government through taxpayers to make professors rich while they brainwash our youth. Money is the root of making girls and women into wanton tramps, for then the men can use women without marrying them or supporting them or their offspring. Moreover, consider how much money is made in the entertainment sector just by getting women to pose or act lewdly. Money is the root of abortion, as the sting videos abundantly show. Moreover, it is cheaper to kill a baby than to raise it, which takes decades of labor and sacrifice to make enough money to do. Money is the root of awarding women alimony payments they don’t deserve, for showing a bias in favor of special interest groups is a shortcut to being promoted by crooked politicians. Money is the root of the global warming fantasy, for the cure for that, they say, is to tax the industries that extract resources from nature and convert the same into energy. And money is at the root of the race war that our fake civil rights warriors are whipping up, for the politicians who foment racist tensions do so to stay in power, which translates into money, while the racist media activists and the racist talk show hosts play on those tensions to keep their ratings up and their speeches lucrative. Racial tensions and a black versus white narrative make popular topics from which to hold a fan base and to make money from it.

People love money because money is the way to fulfill their lusts. The surest way to remedy this evil is not to ban money, redistribute money, or make more money. The surest way to a remedy is to wound the root of the root of all evil, which is the root of the love of money, which is lust. And this is done one person at a time through the preaching of the gospel, which informs the sinner that these wars that are waged in the pursuit of money are directed mainly at an offended God. Once the offence against God is acknowledged, and the forgiveness for the offence received through faith in the One who bore the punishment for the offence, the lusty impulses, through the influence of the Holy Ghost, are overruled to a degree that makes way for peace instead of war. When lusts are smothered into submission, the love of money is severely wounded and is no longer a reigning evil; it can, then, rear its head only intermittently. War is the fire; money is the chaff; the love of money is the fuel; and lust is the ever-active fuse. That is how it works. The fire of war burns, to some extent, within us throughout life. Reduce the fuel, or love of money, and you diminish the fire; war, then, is for the most part reserved for just causes; and money is mainly used to benefit society rather than satiate lusts.  

Lust is more than just the sexual kind, and it excites people to acquire money for a variety of reasons to dissimilar degrees. To use another analogy, circumstances like diseases, conveniences, and sudden fortunes can help drive the mercury of lust up or down, to the surprise or shock of onlookers and loved ones. Only the grace of God applied can bring that mercury to an all-time low; and only the means of grace employed can keep it from rising up to cause the soul to overheat with desires that are idolized to the point of making war.       

This has been a Puritanical opinion on wars and money in today’s America. 

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