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Monday, November 30, 2015


Whether it’s The Current, Cross-Country Check-Up, or The Sunday Edition—whether it’s this host, that host, or a substitute host, CBC Radio’s focus on Islamic terrorism is always distorted in the same way. When CBC Radio hosts look at the Islamic Crusade that’s going on, they see evil where they should see good, and good where they should see evil. 

On The Current, for example, the massacre in Paris is called a ‘tragedy,’ as if a no-fault plane crash had occurred. The concern then turns to a bomb that landed in Aleppo, Syria, wounding six and killing one. It is not stated that the casualties were innocent bystanders; therefore we may assume that they must have been terrorists. So dozens and dozens of people are mowed down in Paris by Muslims, and The Current’s concern is that a few terrorists were in the way of a bomb in Syria! 

Then when the subject of drones is delved into, they speak as if a drone that mistakenly kills a Syrian bystander, is parallel with a terrorist targeting a Parisian civilian! This is said, even though it is admitted that there is no data to support the notion that a Western drone ever killed anyone in Syria! Some guy who used to operate drones has PTSD and second thoughts, and where does he turn up? On CBC Radio, of course. Drones are the most cowardly weapon, he sniffles. Mark that: not suicide vests targeting casual citizens, but drones that aim for diabolical terrorists! And drones are ‘causally’ related to what happened in Paris, he whines. What is causally related to Muslim terrorism in Paris? What is the cause, really? The cause is not drone strikes, but hatred—hatred taken right from the Koran and unleashed by an Imam to devout, practicing Muslims. 

Listen to the Koran’s call for murder: “We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve because they ascribe unto Allah partners” (Surah 3.151.) What is this about? It’s about terrorizing those who believe that God has ‘Partners.’ Who are these partners? These partners are Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. So the meaning is that followers of the Koran, in the names of Allah and Muhammad, will terrorize Christians because Christians believe in the trinity. 

To Muslims, Europe and North America are Christian parts of the world. They do not care about, nor do they know about, the enlightenment, deism, humanism, atheism, agnosticism, or postmodernism; they do not care for such distinctions; they do not differentiate between secular humanists and Baptist Christians. To the uninformed, ignorant, backward Muslim, whatever Western country is industrialized, that nation is Christian, that nation is the enemy, that nation must have its head chopped off. 

To be honest, you can hardly tell a Christian from a secular Joe nowadays anyway. So it’s becoming hard to blame the Muslim for treating them as one.  

CBC Radio is farther from being Christian than the meanest Muslim. But to the Muslim, CBC is part of the Christian problem that Islamists want to eradicate; to the Muslim, CBC is so Christian that it might as well be baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost after each broadcast. Do not think that Muslim terrorists will spare the progressives who defend Islam. They did not spare the progressives in Lebanon in the ‘70s and ‘80s. They did not spare the progressives in New York on 9/11. They did not spare the progressives in Madrid in 2004. They did not spare the progressives in London in 2005. They did not spare the progressives in Paris in 2015. They will not refrain from bombing, shooting, and head-chopping the CBC. Whoever happens to be in the way of a Muslim terrorist, that person is not spared. That’s Allah’s way; that’s Muhammad’s way; that’s the way of the Koran; that’s the practicing Muslims’ way.

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