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Monday, November 16, 2015


France woke up on November 14th, 2015 to a new state of things. The night of November 13th was their 9/11. On that night the City of Lights was obscured and eclipsed by an evil entity called Muslim Terror. France must now wake up to face what full-blown multiculturalism looks like and feels like. It must wake up to realize that importing thousands of Muslims who follow a book that calls for the death of ‘infidels’ is an invitation to violence, bloodshed, and war. France must now acquaint itself with what the Islamic mandate is and it must no longer pretend that Islam is a religion of peace. The Koran calls for war; Muslims call for war; Muslims are bringing war; war is on French soil now. How much deadly proof will be needed before France will decisively deal with the Muslimization of its country? My guess is that it will take much more than this one night of grisly terror. Every Muslim must be regarded as suspicious. Every Muslim must be profiled. For this to be effectively done, political correctness must be discarded and the Muslim population must be reduced. Muslims endorse, either ignorantly or informedly, an ideological book that commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims and to replace civilization with a caliphate. You are just as naïve as an empty-headed liberal socialite if you believe that there are no Muslim citizens of France who are cheering this Muslim reign of terror. You are naïve to your own hurt if you believe that no Muslim citizens of France have helped to pull this deed of terror off. It is time for France to export, not import. It is time for France to go to war, not be terrorized. Importing Muslims is an invitation to terrorism.  

France is not the only nation that invites terrorism. Most nations in Europe are doing it; the USA is doing it; Canada is doing it. How do we invite terrorism? We invite terrorism by our political principles. We invite terrorism by our personal behavior. In other words, we invite terrorism by our public vote; and we invite terrorism by our lifestyle.  

Canada lost 158 soldiers in the war in Afghanistan. Paris just lost almost as many civilians in one night of terror. The terrorists are, of course, Koran-loving Muslims. Read the Koran and see for yourself whether or not the Muslim murderers are obeying the Koran when they kill. Or, you may learn this the easy way by ordering a little book called ‘A Peek at the Koran’ from Amazon. I can thoughtfully endorse the book because I wrote it. 

We invite terrorism in two ways. Here is the first way that we do it. We do it by voting for politicians who are politically correct and weak in the face of arrogant, disdainful, warring Islam. These politicians are protected from danger by armed agents and they are whisked away at the first sign of danger. They don’t want their citizens to have the same privilege, however. So when you’re at a public event and the Muslims come to mow you down, the politicians are surrounded by defense and taken care of, while you are left standing there hoping that the cops will get to the Muslims before the Muslims get to you. That’s what just happened in France. The president was protected right away; the civilians, not so fast. 

We invite terrorism when we vote for politicians who wave in more and more Muslims in spite of all the mayhem that the Muslims have caused in our country already. Muslim brutes have been terrorizing France for years, for instance, like when they were burning hundreds of cars a few years ago; pretty much with impunity, the Muslims did this. We in Canada find what’s happening in France so exciting and glamorous that we have just voted in a socialist teenage-like prime minister who has pledged to invite thousands of Muslims who will no doubt bless us with the same kind of Islamic pandemonium that France is enduring. You are not allowed to bear arms in France or Canada, though, not in public, and not even on your property without legal fallout. When a government decides (no matter what stripe that government is) that you are not allowed to defend yourself—that is socialism at work. Socialism says this: don’t worry about anything; government will take care of it all; leave it up to government. Yes, leave it up to government; that is the political paradigm that just facilitated the barbaric deaths of over 120 defenseless French citizens. 

President Barack Hussein Islam-loving Obama assured the public that Isis is contained. He said this on the morning of the attacks in France, not even one whole day before Isis waged war on the streets of Paris. You have heard of a hero and an anti-hero, or of prophets true and false. Obama is an anti-prophet. Whatever he promises, you can count on getting the opposite. One of the terrorists responsible for the attacks in France has informed authorities that the carnage just inflicted upon French citizens was done in the name of Allah, courtesy of Isis. Obama needs to believe and convince that Isis is contained in order to appear like a successful peacemaker. He needs to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay in order to seal his legacy with a facade of peace. We invite terrorism by voting for politicians who deny facts and reality in order to further their political dreams.  

We invite terrorism in another way. We invite it by our conduct generally. This is well illustrated by the event where the main brunt of the terror was borne in these coordinated Muslim attacks in Paris. Most of the people who were killed were killed in the Bataclan Theater. They had gone there to listen to an obscene rock band called ‘Eagles of Death Metal.’ In a decent society, a band called ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ would be so unpopular that it would not be given a hearing. Our societies are not decent, though. We like obscenities; we like playing with death. We like dancing obscenely; we like dancing before a band called death. Every so often, God calls us on what we like. He patiently puts up with our celebration of obscenity and death, and he adds something to it. He gives us actual death at the hands of obscene people. Going out on the town to whoop it up with a band called ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ resulted in death by metal guns for many. This is not only eerie, but synchronicities like this are ordained by God to make us notice and to reconsider our ways of life.   

I had never heard of this band before this mass murder by Muslims took place. It turns out that it is very popular. The views that their songs have accumulated on YouTube are considerable. In a song called ‘Complexity’ the band members are holding a skull in order to show us what the band is about. In a song called ‘Save a Prayer’ (originally by ‘Duran Duran’) the message goes like this: “don’t say a prayer for me now/save it till the morning after…some call it a one night stand/but we can call it paradise.” In a song called ‘I want you so hard’ we are secretly warned against the band and their message by the song’s own lyrics. “Just leave him alone ‘cause the boy’s bad news”—this phrase is repeated over and over again as if to mesmerize us into being cautious about what we’re getting into. But this phrase will only mesmerize folks in a good way if these folks are already on their guard against evil—it will only warn folks who have eyes to see and ears to hear, as the Bible says. I repeat: “Just leave him alone ‘cause the boy’s bad news”—this phrase is repeated over and over again by this band as if to mesmerize us into being cautious. Those who are in the habit of grooving to unclean songs and extolling death will be mesmerized in a bad way by those words, though, because to them, boys that are bad news are not to be left alone, but to be listened to, followed, idolized, and fawned over. Those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to discern will have been thunderstruck at the sight of the first responders climbing the ladders where the ‘Eagles’ billboard appeared as a backdrop. The image was like a bright white presentation of the darkness that the victims were engaged in when they were gunned down. In the Bible bad is bad and good is good. Those who treat good as if it were bad and bad as if it were good are given this warning: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5.20.) To sing about a one night stand, and to declare that sin to be paradise, is to call evil good. To adopt the moniker of death or to wear a t-shirt in praise of death is to put a bitter thing forward as if it were a sweet thing. What can the consequence of this sort of behavior be but a bad one? If you hold to these delusions you will reap the whirlwind. You might reap it on your death bed at an old age. You might reap it by an accident. Or you might reap it by a terrorist strike while you are in the very act of enjoying the praises of sin and death. And you might reap it while you are in the bloom of youth. The Bible says this: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting” (Galatians 6.7, 8.) 

It is noteworthy that this calculated series of terrorist strikes was aimed at places where French youth congregate on a weekend night. Who votes for socialism more than brainwashed youth? It matters who and what you vote for. What and who you vote for can have deadly repercussions. Young immoral citizens are the ones who flock to rock concerts. Young immoral citizens are the ones who vote for socialist policies. Politicians are to blame for letting Muslim invaders have their way; they have paved the multicultural road that the Muslims are now painting with blood. They are the guiltiest ones of all. French youth have to be told that it is time to inform themselves; the alternative is brainwashing by teachers, media, and politicians, and moral corruption by the culture; brainwashing and corruption have no good end. Whooping it up in a brainwashed state may be fun for some time—maybe a long time. But then come the consequences. The consequence of treating evil as if it were good is the reaping of evil. You reap what you sow. To sow evil is to plant something that will grow up to consume what you hold dear. What is dearer to you than your own life or the lives of your loved ones? True, some decent people and some Christians may have died in these attacks. True, some citizens who hate socialist policies may have died in these attacks. But what I have said here applies to most of the victims, without a doubt. Even God allows for collateral damage; he may take a Christian to heaven through socialist policies that led to terrorism, even if the Christian opposed with all of his might, both terrorism and the socialism that invited it. Conversely, he may send souls to hell through their political views and moral corruption. You have no reason to hope for a peaceful night-out if you go out with the intention to make merry about solemn matters like sin and death. And you have less chance of getting away with it if you are responsible for the political decisions that have led to Muslim murderers skulking around town with AK-47s in the name of Allah.   

This monologue might seem harsh. But study the Bible, learn your theology, and know your history, especially your biblical history, and with God’s blessing of illumination, it will begin to dawn on you that sin is what’s harsh and that death is so harsh that it should never be treated as a theme to get down and jiggy with. Before you plan to rock ‘n roll with death, beware of the possibility that God might give you exactly what you rock ‘n roll about. 

I will paraphrase what Jesus said to a crowd concerning the mass murder of some of their brethren and I will apply it to this terrorist strike in France: “Do you suppose that these French citizens were bigger sinners than other French citizens just because they suffered such horrible deaths? No, they were not bigger sinners than average; you must repent before something just as bad happens to you.” No one who dies without first repenting of his sins is prepared to die. A new way of life is needed before death brings a sentence of hell upon your soul. Voting barbarians into your country and using your weekends to participate in the glorifying of sin and death are acts that testify to how ignorant you are, how unregenerate you are, how in need of salvation you are, how perilously close you are to tripping out of this world into an everlasting world of woe. Press for the peace of your people by righteous policies; and press into the kingdom of heaven through repentance toward God and faith in Christ.

This has been a Puritanical opinion on the Muslim reign of terror that was just waged in France in the name of Allah. 

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