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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Jeremiah the prophet uses the phrase ‘desperately wicked’ to describe the natural condition of the heart of man. Only God knows how wicked this heart can become. But sometimes through the news we learn something about what God knows, don’t we?

This hideous ‘homosexual pedophile’ has not and will not receive a full penalty for his crimes, not in Canada, and not in this life. Notice that he molested the boy in question after ‘a previous similar conviction.’ If our country were not so godless, and therefore more for exacting a penalty and less for recommending ‘treatment,’ the boy had been saved from being assaulted by this grossly indecent monster. This clipping from The Edmonton Sun is dated, September 23, 2003. And so this child molesting creep has been free to molest yet again since many years ago. God will hold the judge responsible for any further crimes! I tell you, he’ll share the blame!

Our godless society and court system do not believe there is an absolute standard for determining what is right and what is wrong. Hence the false, lenient judgment. And being atheistic, Canada’s Bench offers no hope that justice will prevail in the Afterlife any more than it does in this life. Our judges sacrifice our children on the altar of their godless philosophy just as certainly as Israel at her worst sacrificed her children to the gods she went whoring after.

But victims of obscenity, take heart! There is a perfect ‘back-up plan’ when the Government refuses to bear the sword against evildoers (Romans 13.) God himself will take up his own Sword at the End of Time. Heathens may break God’s righteous rules and think they’ll get away with it; judges may scorn True Law and dream up lawless sentences instead; but “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh” (Psalm 2.)

Yet poor victimized soul, you must know that your own heart is desperately wicked also, maybe not nearly so wicked as the heart of your sex assaulter’s, but bad enough and vulgar enough that without salvation from sin by Jesus Christ you must be locked out of heaven as surely as the pedophile must be locked into hell. Now what consolation will it be that the grimy molester is finally judged if you wind up just a little above him in the bowels of hell? Or what if he gets saved and you don’t?! It can happen. Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me” (John 14.1.) Believe means ‘trust.’ Put your sins away and put your confidence in Jesus! And he that ascended into heaven will receive you!

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