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Monday, March 24, 2014


Red Deer Life, May 13th, 2012; Red Deer Advocate, May 20th, 2012. I haven’t watched a beauty pageant since about a dozen years ago (which is not long enough.) Does anyone believe that a beauty contestant is the most beautiful woman in the region she represents? Every time you go downtown, in the city or town or even village you live in, you see a woman more beautiful than the one you just saw on television. Contestants for pageants are determined by the whims and fancies of a few persons. As whims and fancies evolve to suit the ‘progressive’ values of our society, it is certain that pageants must eventually become circuses. Eating disorders and plastic surgeries are just as likely to win you a crown today as natural beauty and fitness. It won’t be long before a completely manufactured woman (like a man made to look like one) will win, not just compete in, a major beauty pageant. Queer causes must prevail in societies wherein the politically correct crowd always wins the ear of persons in charge.

It is a short step from calling this queer (word used in the original sense) contestant ‘hot’ (which some men have done) to confessing a homosexual proclivity. This queer contestant is nothing but a man. And I am glad that a pageant makes itself look ridiculous by its own political correctness. Now men may compete alongside women. They just have to look the part they are pretending to be. I do not see this ‘transgendered’ person competing in a pageant for women as a victory for men, though, for normal men would never push for a chance to compete among women. But it is a victory for those of us who want pageants to implode through bombs of their own making. If queer agendas go much farther, beauty pageants will become pageants about nothing specific, and shows lacking direction and focus are not likely to survive for long.

What if this contestant became born again by the power of God? What could he (I refuse to call him she) conscientiously do but live the celibate life of a eunuch? What could he do but bewail his fate, as Jephthah’s daughter did (though we doubt that he would have cause to bewail his virginity.) It is a sad pickle he has gotten himself into. There will be (mark my words) no happy lifetime partnership for him.

‘Beauty is vain,’ the Bible says (Proverbs 31.30.) It is an empty possession and pursuit. This includes all outward beauty, be it natural or manufactured. It is a remarkable fact, and totally in line with what we should expect, that Jesus, when he came to save, possessed ‘no beauty that we should desire him’ (Isaiah 53.2) He who came to save the soul would not be hindered through attracting sinners to his looks. We are not to trust in our own beauty (Ezekiel 16.15), nor even in the physical beauty of Jesus (as many do through depictions of him, which is idolatry.) We are to trust in what is naturally repulsive to us: the shed blood of a Man who was not pretty to look upon but who was the beauty of holiness incarnate.

“Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption” (1 Corinthians 15.50.) Beauty that is made of flesh and blood comes to corruption, and cannot inherit Bliss Above. We must be justified through Christ’s blood (Romans 5.9.) Blood is gory; but blood that saves is beautiful. To trust in Jesus’ blood is to trust in his death for your sins. Once that is done, your sins are washed away, and the gate of heaven must open up for you, and you must gain access to a pageantry fit for those who have been made ‘meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light’ (Colossians 1.12.) 

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