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Friday, March 28, 2014


Red Deer Advocate, April 9th, 2011. If you are, or if someone you love is, sexually assaulted, you don’t want the perpetrator to just walk away without doing time, do you? If the villain is judged in Canada, he has about a 50% chance of being just that lucky. And if he gets any jail time at all, that will be of short duration in a facility full of creature comforts, not to mention luxuries: like barbells to make him strong, television to entertain and further corrupt him, and cigarettes to maintain his bad attitude.

Why is Canada like this? By voting in politicians like Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Chretien, Canadians have paved the road that sex offenders walk upon, unmolested, outside the prisons they deserve to spend so much time in. The norm in this country, for a long time now, has been to judge sex offenders lightly or not all. Voters elect morally weak politicians who are for rehabilitating criminals instead of punishing them; the politicians draw up legislation to suit that philosophy; liberal-minded judges are appointed by these politicians to put into practice their ‘judge not’ ideology; and the criminals are free to continue their carnal crimes against Canadian citizens. That’s how it works. And then a runaway Supreme Court is hard even for Ottawa to reign in. Indeed, mandatory minimums have been struck down even by the lower courts.

We must turn our judicial system into the right way: actual and adequate punishment for crimes committed. If persons with mortal contagion ought to be quarantined for the safety of everyone else, why should sex offenders not be locked up for the same reason? God will lock every rebel up in a cell called hell come judgment day. Rebels against decent conduct and moral order ought to be locked up by us until then. That we have no room nor money to imprison criminals is an absurd objection, for Canada wastes piles of money on less important matters and there is room enough in the tundra to house all the criminals on the planet. Why not go so far as to build a penitentiary for prisoners from around the world? That would go over well the world over and criminals from far and wide would be safe from all the torture techniques they would otherwise be subject to back home. And hard labor would instill a sorely needed work ethic and furnish the capital that it takes to run such a facility, or facilities.

If you are a citizen who supports the notion that sex offenders ought to go unpunished, and therefore be permitted to walk freely among the people at the risk of every person they next come into contact with, you may not be adversely affected. You could be, of course, for you, or maybe some member of your family, could be next to suffer at the hands of a fiend. Your support of lawlessness, either through your vote, your voice, or your silent unconcern, will affect you very largely in the end. “What then shall I do when God riseth up? and when he visiteth, what shall I answer him?” (Job 31.4.) Support, wherever and whenever you can, the ‘outdated’ notion that sexual assault is a crime that should be punished by the judges (Job 31.11.) The righteous Job, so highly commended by God (Job 1.1), is on the side of punishment, not rehabilitation (which is often just a euphemism for letting the offender go unpunished.) ‘Conditional sentence’ and ‘house arrest’ are other euphemisms for acquittal. It would not be convenient for judges to call such sentences what they in fact are, for citizens, especially those who have been victimized, would then demand that we rehabilitate the judges. Be on the side of the righteous. Be for the prevention of sexual assault by the punishment of predators who commit the carnal crimes that are presently condoned in Canada.

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