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Friday, December 11, 2015


I heard something on CBC Radio on July 8th, 2015, which demonstrates how dishonest the feminists are. I do not know why the CBC even reported on the story because it brings to light certain embarrassing disparities between the genders. So the CBC reported the following facts about a chess competition that was set to culminate in Greece: 83% of the competitors were boys; and most of the girls who were in the competition were in categories that were less competitive. The following observations ought to be drawn from this news: (1) even though girls are being pushed into domains that they have no desire to be part of, their numbers are low; (2) when they do enter these domains, they do rather poorly. 

The CBC’s rationalizing counterattack came in the words of a girl. This girl said that it’s not that the boys are smarter, it’s about who works at it more. At best, if we are to believe this opinion, we have to admit that girls are lazier, for they do not work at it as much. The truth is, they are not lazier than boys; their interest in chess is just lacking; and it is lacking because girls are less disposed than boys to play at games of an intellectual nature. Another girl was more humble, and did the right thing by saying that we should never mind focusing on boys versus girls. The CBC and radical feminists will never quit stirring up conflict between the genders, though. Even if women ended up excelling men in every arena, the feminists would hammer away against men anyway, for they resent their own hearts for pining after men no matter what they do to convince themselves that men are no longer desirable or necessary. 

Men are more inclined to do brain work. They are better thinkers. It comes down to this: men are smarter. There is no game that puts brain power to the test more than chess does. When it comes to competing in that game, boys and men outclass girls and women. It should be okay to state facts. The CBC is ashamed to do that. Now that girls and women have had a leg up for a few decades and have been given so many more advantages than boys and men, it is becoming obvious that we have little reason to bewail the lack of opportunities that girls and women have had throughout history in fields requiring intellectual brawn. It has always been right to train boys up for pursuits that are mentally demanding, and to reserve girls for the more domestic and supportive pursuits. Eve was created as Adam’s helper, not his leader, not his competitor, not his intellectual equal. We should be thankful that for the better part of history, we have operated according to this part of the Genesis pattern. The best writers have been men; the best painters have been men; the best scientists have been men; the best composers have been men; and not one good preacher has ever been a woman. If we had operated according to a feminist pattern, imagine the dark ages that we would now be living in! 

Now that women have more liberty than ever to compete—now that they are favored for positions of power based on their gender rather than the merits of their work, what do we see? Men are still outpacing women intellectually in virtually every arena that one can think of or check out. Women are weaker; women are not as smart; women are more easily deceived. The Bible has revealed all of this long ago. God is not afraid of the facts. We should imitate his example. Women are better at giving birth, nursing babies, and cleaning house. So it must be admitted that they surpass men in some things. Occasionally, women excel even at writing. When that happens, they write something like this: “Woman was made for man’s delight;/Charm, O woman, be not afraid!/His shadow by day, his moon by night,/Woman was made” (Christina Rossetti, A Helpmeet for Him.) Feminists hate poetry like that, especially when it comes from a woman’s pen, in this case, Christina Rossetti’s 19th century, Victorian quill. 

Why do feminists scorn such truth? Why are they so dishonest about the disparate abilities of boys and girls and men and women? They are dishonest because they are wicked, unsaved sinners. That is the root cause of their bitter, rationalizing ways. What occasions their dishonesty is the large pool of facts that they do not like. They are always avoiding facts, falsifying data, and rationalizing every detail or story that does not support their hope that women are greater, better human beings than men are. They are always pitting men against women, as if the genders ought to be continuously at war with each other. 

The more wicked citizens among us have just elected a Liberal band of debased persons to govern the affairs of this country. The gullible greenhorn at the helm, so submissive to women and fringe groups is he, made sure that his cabinet conformed to gender parity and minority favoritism. That makes him, not a fair man who hires persons based on merit, but a sexist and a racist. Boys and men will continue to be unfairly treated in order to arrive at the perverted feminist vision. Indeed, this unfair treatment will go on overdrive now. 

A lot of damage will be done by the unbiblical Liberal setup, and we will all suffer, not just boys and men. Those who will suffer the most are the boys and girls who are being brainwashed to believe that the differences between the genders ought to be denied and erased. The years of Liberal rule will cost us much more than a Conservative mandate would. It will cost us more money because of the deficits and useless inquiries that are promised. It will cost us more lives because abortion will have less conservatism to curb it and because medical suicide will be legalized and abused. It will cost us more love because only hatred can be promoted by such policies. 

In a feminist-friendly environment, Christians can take comfort in the fact that the Bible has prophesied that, by and large, men will rule over women until the end of time. That’s the teaching of Genesis 3.16: man shall rule over woman. Whatever evil things balky women are devising to do in the name of feminism, no one less than God himself is standing in the way of the fullness of evil that they want to implement. To this fact, a hearty Amen should be stirred up in every Christian heart.

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