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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Red Deer Advocate, April 21ST, 2012. Unjust judges will argue anything in order to acquit murderers. This is why verdicts come laced with strange language in Canadian courts. This judge argues that a ‘black hole’ forbids a murder rap.

Who cares what led you to kill defenseless kids? Who cares if your mind was ‘clouded’ by pills and depression when you did the crime? What should matter is if you took lives unlawfully or not. If a self-imposed altered state is all it takes to get you a charge of manslaughter instead of murder, then all you need to do is take a pill before you kill in order to secure for yourself an easy-go in the courtroom and a light sentence. Really, in Canada, just say that you were depressed, and you can get away with double-infanticide!

To say that you may get away with it even though manslaughter becomes your charge is not a contradiction. Compared to the death penalty you deserve, a few years in a posh pen full of amenities and opportunities is a sentence that is tantamount to getting away with it. In Canada, this woman might not do any time at all for killing her two kids! If she does, it will be easy time and short time, so easy and short, that we might as well call her sentence an acquittal. Manslaughter, in Canada, is often just another word for acquittal. But you are not supposed to realize that. Wink, wink, it is a secret among unjust judges.

What about the black hole of death that these infants were plunged into? What about the black hole of depression that those who loved them were plunged into after that? Do these black holes matter? This judge cares about the black hole the woman put herself in, that is all. No, don’t hold her to account for the black mental state she was in! Even if she took pills to put herself there and to brace herself for what she was intent on doing, do not hold her responsible! It does not matter if she murdered, so long as she was in a black hole while she did it! 

There is a black hole reserved by the LORD for unjust judges and the murderers let off by them. Liberal philosophy will cease to gain acquittals on the Day that matters most. That part of logic called ‘inference’ is little used these days. The Puritans were correct in their copious use of it in their expositions of Scripture. After Judgment Day happens, the bliss of eternal life is at hand, but “without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie” (Revelation 22.15.) This sentence is on the supposition that such sinners die without repenting first. There is little need of proving this. King David contrived a murder and Paul the apostle consented to one, yet both are magnified as eminent saints in Scripture: because they repented. So, murderers are ‘without,’ by which is meant: they are kept outside the blessings mentioned in the preceding part of the text. No water of life, no light of God, etc., this is to be shut out of heaven and to be shut into its opposite: hell. There is an inference. But here is the inference that I want to emphasize. If murderers are to be kept without, judges who turn a blind eye to their crimes must be kept without as well. To deny justice is to stand with the unjust. Unjust judges and the criminals they pamper stand together as sinners on the same page of God’s ledger. Both parties are on the same side, and both will be ‘without.’ This inference is hardly necessary to make, for such judges are those persons mentioned in the verse alongside murderers, ‘whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.’ To maintain that this woman is not guilty of murder, and not guilty to fully suffer as a murderer, is to ‘make a lie.’

I take comfort in the truth about how matters will turn out, not because I want souls to be ‘without’ the goodness of God to all eternity, but because there will be some relief, in the end, for those of us who want the precious lives of infants to matter. Their lives matter; and we will witness just how much one Day, when unjust judges get judged alongside the infants’ murderers. The murder of infants will stir up the vengeance of God. God will be glorified by the execution of his justice. Amen. 

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