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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The CBC Hates White Males

A Letter I Sent to the CBC Nearly Two Years Ago. I Received no Answer.

November 2017

Ottawa Production Centre (Head Office)
181 Queen Street
P.O. Box 3220, Station “C”
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Y 1E4

Dear Broadcaster:

I hope that you will read this letter in consideration of the negative impact your radio programs are having. The hatred of white men among CBC Radio hosts has become so obvious and menacing that you are sure to lose the rest of what remains of your conservative audience, which some of your hosts would call ‘Nazis’ just because we want facts and news instead of continuous propaganda. We are not Nazis for wanting our broadcaster to treat white men fairly and to tell us what is going on.

The sentiment against white men is acute on programs like ‘The Current,’ ‘Ontario Today,’ and ‘Alberta at Noon.’ The hosts are not satisfied with mere allusions of this hatred anymore. They openly target us now. 
I recall as a kid in the 70s and 80s that the CBC reported on the war in Beirut almost every single night. We were all in the dark as to what was going on and who the combatants were. No one in the community knew any more than the CBC or the CTV had to say on the matter. I have since found out that the culprits in that war were Muslims, and that the Muslims had been invited into Lebanon by leftists. More recently, before I started resorting to the internet to ferret facts out, I heard from the CBC that ‘French youths’ were burning cars in the suburbs of Paris. It turns out that the youths were Muslims. Some of them were citizens of France, true, but they were more Muslim than French; their failure and refusal to assimilate was the reason for their rage. 

Because of specious reporting like that, many of us are finished with CBC Television, and have been finished with it for a long, long time. We are never going back to it, even if our internet programs are snuffed out and even if our internet services are cut off. But, as Nazi as we are for being white, male, and wanting reliable information, we are hanging on to CBC Radio so far. You cannot continue to slander us without losing us. You cannot expect to keep listeners when you attack them at every turn. You will not screen us out on ‘Cross-Country Check-Up’ without losing us for good. And you certainly will not hold our attention with inane programs like ‘The Debaters.’ You used to have programs (like ‘Out Front’) that pushed no leftist agenda. As far as I can tell, you have no such programs left. Everything is politicized and skewed to the left now. 

I think you would be surprised at how many white conservative men still hang on to CBC Radio, hoping for the hatred against them to relent. I used to listen to the CBC Radio News every evening at six. I gave that up years ago because of this hatred. I used to listen to ‘As it Happens’ every evening as well. I gave that up for the same reason. Now programs like ‘Ontario Today,’ ‘Alberta at Noon,’ ‘Cross-Country Check-Up’ and ‘The Current’ are nearing the chopping block. I am no doubt very tolerant to have stuck with you for this long. How many white conservative men do I represent? Probably thousands. If you lose us, we will never come back. You know how it is with most things: once we discover something fairer and better, we don’t often look back, do we?

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