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Friday, November 29, 2019

Preparing a Mission Statement

A mission statement is not a creed. A creed should be subscribed to long before a Christian considers writing a mission statement. It is best to form the statement, not by perusing the Scriptures or textbooks, but by drawing on what is understood thus far, with an intention to reform the statement as growth continues. By drawing on one’s mere understanding of what has been learned through the various exercises of grace, one’s journey and goal will be a personal word between a disciple and God—a declaration to be assessed after the statement has been put into practice and has aged awhile. Categories may be written to prompt thought about what a mission statement should contain. For my part, categories naturally emerged after I had written the statement out. My platform line came about as I reflected on the contents of the New Testament, which I had recently read in short order. The new convert should be praying for a mentor to advise him. The more seasoned saint should be praying for converts to guide. 

This mission statement was written on the recovery side of a severe trial, which trial occurred about ten years after my conversion. Provided that I have grown since then, at least in understanding if not pious conduct, I was happy to notice that the statement did not need to be substantially revised fifteen years after it was first drawn up. I had to change a few words for the sake of precision and clarity; that is all.  


Faith in the resurrected Christ who sacrificed himself to God for the remission of my sins.    


By prayer, instruction, and meditation, to avoid sin and to draw closer to the Father, through Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit, in order to know what to do, how to do it, and above all, to know the mind of God.  


To close with, in order to save or disciple, whosoever God may choose to put in my way, by any means possible, being all things to all people, so long as I am not morally polluted and the gospel is not compromised; secondarily, to be a force and influence to prevent sin in others, even if the result is no more positive than to restrain their potential punishment in hell.


To ensure that my business is righteous and my home godly, and to be regularly employed in a particular ministry that is in harmony with my gifts and talents, often meditating on, and being on the lookout for, whatever might be done to glorify God and to enlarge his territory, remembering to take notice of those who are neglected indeed, knowing that responsibility, rewards, and stature in heaven depend on how I conduct myself in this life.  


Being mindful of my future state, thinking and acting justly must be attended with right motives, knowing that spontaneity for God is closer to perfection than mere disciplined action, and that spontaneity through disciplined action is even better, being the action known in revelation as ‘first love’; perseverance in the face of tribulation is the greatest work, and, next to all other works combined, is as everything compared to nothing, being the highest exercise of faith.    

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